Vaccine Mandate Violates Constitutional Rights: Pennsylvania Lawsuit

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Have you had your COVID-19 vaccination?

This has go a loaded question with implications beyond health.

A Pennsylvania suit argues that receiving oregon declining a vaccine has go a governmental act, and erstwhile employers compel employees to get vaccinated, they are forcing employees to prosecute successful governmental speech, a usurpation of the First Amendment, the state of speech.

The suit was filed successful October successful national tribunal successful the Eastern District of Pennsylvania by lawyer Bruce L. Castor, Jr. of the instrumentality steadfast Van Der Veen, Hartshorn & Levin, connected behalf of his clients Pennsylvania Informed Consent Advocates Inc., which is simply a precocious organized radical of employees of the University of Pennsylvania Health System (Penn Medicine), 1 of the largest employers successful Pennsylvania.

The suit names Penn Medicine arsenic a suspect on with U.S. Secretary of Labor Scott Ketcham and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra.

Castor is simply a well-known attorney, having served concisely arsenic acting Pennsylvania lawyer general. He was the pb defence lawyer successful President Donald Trump’s 2021 impeachment trial, and helium was Montgomery County District Attorney successful 2005 erstwhile comedian Bill Cosby’s intersexual battle lawsuit came to airy there.

Bruce L. Castor, Jr. of the instrumentality    steadfast  Van Der Veen, Hartshorn & Levin Bruce L. Castor, Jr. of the instrumentality steadfast Van Der Veen, Hartshorn & Levin. (Courtesy of Bruce L. Castor Jr.)

Castor argues that by requiring workers crossed the United States to disclose their vaccination status, Ketcham and Becerra are forcing workers to prosecute successful un-sought-out and individually undesirable governmental code successful usurpation of the First Amendment. And by choosing to abide by national vaccine mandates, Penn Medicine has go an cause of the national government, likewise violating the First Amendment.

Employers deliberation they are holding the precocious manus due to the fact that they person unlimited resources for ineligible fees and employees don’t,” Castor told The Epoch Times successful a telephone interview. “But since they each person the aforesaid issue, we formed a corporation, truthful they became a ineligible person—an entity that tin bring a suit. It levels the playing field.”

Pennsylvania Informed Consent Advocates Inc. is made up of betwixt 100 and 200 Penn Medicine employees who excavation their wealth for ineligible fees.

“Disclosing one’s presumption arsenic not vaccinated against COVID-19 has go politicized successful specified a mode that the expressing of one’s absorption has acquired a governmental meaning: bringing nationalist derision down upon the idiosyncratic or, successful less instances, garnering nationalist acclaim for the individual, mostly depending connected the governmental beliefs of the nationalist toward coerced governmental action against its citizens,” the tribunal papers say. “Because of its intensely toxic governmental nature, disclosing one’s COVID-19 vaccination presumption holds the intent, weight, and societal effect of partisan governmental speech, and should beryllium treated arsenic such.”

When Penn Medicine asks for impervious of vaccination arsenic a pre-requisite for further employment, it outs immoderate employees arsenic unvaccinated, which tin publically stigmatize them by causing immoderate to equate their presumption with governmental “rightwing extremists,” oregon different stereotypes, adjacent if the employee’s objection is spiritual oregon owed to aesculapian risk, the suit argues.

“The mandate seeks to necessitate Plaintiff members to marque a governmental connection against their will, and perchance against their wellness and well-being, and subjecting them to nationalist ridicule and contempt,” tribunal papers say.

“We’re not saying determination is not a competing involvement that the authorities has successful keeping radical safe,” Castor said. “We’re saying determination has to beryllium a equilibrium of that and idiosyncratic freedoms for the radical who are choosing not to beryllium vaccinated.”

“You can’t compel radical to authorities what their vaccination presumption is due to the fact that it has go political,” Castor said. “Eventually you volition get a tribunal precocious capable to accidental vaccine mandates are prohibited absent immoderate tenable effort to accommodate idiosyncratic liberties. And deciding what idiosyncratic liberties are protected volition beryllium the question. It volition beryllium thing similar wearing masks oregon moving from home.”

In May, each Penn Medicine and Lancaster General Hospital employees were informed by email that unless they person the COVID-19 vaccine, they would suffer their occupation successful 3 months.

Additionally, immoderate students had a declaration with the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences that had them commencement moving for Lancaster General Hospital successful precocious school, determination connected to nursing school, and past aft graduating; beryllium Lancaster General Hospital (a Penn Medicine property) 1 twelvemonth of employment arsenic a registered nurse, for which they person a 75 percent tuition break. The statement says that if for immoderate crushed they are terminated, they indispensable wage the tuition back. These young employees had to take betwixt taking the vaccine oregon repaying that 75 percent tuition reimbursement successful 3 months.

“You can’t ideate the scope of regulations that companies are putting connected employees,” Castor said.

The suit asks the tribunal to marque Penn Medicine halt utilizing impervious of vaccination arsenic a information for employment and forestall Becerra and Ketcham from enforcing the mandate arsenic agelong arsenic they are successful usurpation of the archetypal (free speech) and fourteenth (equal extortion of the law) amendments. It besides asks for Penn Medicine to springiness employees their jobs backmost and supply compensatory damages for their losses and ineligible fees.

“Penn Medicine is enactment astatine large risk,” Castor said. “There is simply a immense fig of radical with highly paid jobs. Penn Medicine would beryllium liable for each that backmost pay, benefits, punitive damages, attorneys fees—it adds up to large money.” And if the tribunal agrees with employees, akin cases could dispersed crossed the country. It would impact employers differently, based connected what level of reasonableness they enactment on, Castor said. Employers who alteration national contracts, spell consecutive to termination, oregon marque ridiculous rules would not fare arsenic good arsenic those that supply some extortion to vaccinated employees and tenable accommodations to those who take not to get vaccinated.

“The authorities has handled this precisely backwards. It should person encouraged radical done taxation incentives for those who get vaccinated,” Castor said. “It should not person been punishments; it should person been sweeteners if they privation to get vaccinated, and determination should person been an accommodation for those who don’t privation to beryllium vaccinated.”

By telling workers they indispensable enactment thing successful their assemblage that they don’t want, Castor said, the authorities causes an immediate, visceral, antagonistic reaction.
“They say, however situation the authorities enactment my household astatine hazard by threatening my occupation arsenic we spell into winter.”

“Where are each the pro-choice advocates who usage the mantra, ‘my assemblage my choice’? It’s precise unusual to me.”

Penn Medicine, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services did not respond to requests for remark connected this story.

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