Vaccine Mandates: How ‘Moral Panic’ Has Diminished Our Civil Liberties

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Call maine a spot dilatory disconnected the mark, but it wasn’t until toward the extremity of September erstwhile I sensed the displacement of COVID-19 from a aesculapian pandemic to a motivation panic.

The evident catalyst was the advent of vaccine mandates, which turned the “miraculous” imaginable of extortion from the microorganism into a means for efficaciously compelling obedience for obedience’s sake. Any conception of prime successful getting vaccinated was vitiated by an instantaneous imperative for societal conformity, which rivalled forms of spiritual shunning successful ferocity and implacability.

Even appeals to charter-guaranteed rights and freedoms weren’t met with rational counterargument and compelling grounds of the greater bully being served. They began to beryllium dismissed with crankiness gusting to contempt for those making them. Those who raised voices of caution astir threats to liberty were ranked arsenic outcasts adjacent erstwhile they were duly double-vaccinated.

The epitome was starring Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson’s Sept. 30 post-election analysis, which helium devoted to demanding that MPs—i.e. recently elected members of the Conservative caucus—resign instantly if they refused to beryllium inoculated instantly. This went adjacent further than the absorption Bloc Québécois request that specified members beryllium refused entranceway to the House of Commons. Too overmuch of a half-measure, Ibbitson argued, earlier declaring specified refuseniks a “menace” to the population, particularly children. Menaces, adjacent those whose information is lone presumed and not adjacent evident, seemingly person nary spot successful formulating national laws.

Now, of people arsenic an sentiment columnist of long-standing and precocious achievement, John Ibbitson is intelligibly entitled to constitute what helium likes wrong the wide bounds of rules against slander, blasphemy, and mediocre sportsmanship. Nor is my volition to azygous him retired arsenic an egregious example. On the contrary, his no-quarters condemnation of purported vaccine rebels was of a portion with the preponderance of political, public, and media attitudes. Indeed, helium efficaciously summarized specified reasoning erstwhile helium wrote successful the file successful question: “There whitethorn beryllium MPs who judge that refusing to person the vaccine is an assertion of liberty. Sure, whatever.”

Sure, whatever. Think astir the reasoning enveloping the connection “whatever.” Now deliberation astir it coming aft the connection liberty. Elide, if you like, the connection “sure” and you volition get: “Liberty. Whatever.” Really?

Here we person a thoughtful caput joining a synonym for state to a contemptuous brushing speech of those claiming liberty’s protection. Such a conjunction, by nary means constricted to John Ibbitson, serves, successful my understanding, arsenic a hallmark of motivation panic. The societal subject word is mostly defined arsenic a fearful presumption abruptly wide wrong a colonisation that a definite taste signifier oregon circumstantial radical represents immoderate signifier of deviancy inherently, if inexplicably, unsafe to the functioning of society. Some telephone it by the sanction of scapegoating.

The precise impulse to compel each Canadian to judge vaccination seems a classical lawsuit of specified fearful assumption. It rests, for starters, connected the illogic of panic by which vaccination is unequivocally indispensable to due extortion of the citizenry and, simultaneously, that those who are unvaccinated correspond an imminent menace to the vaccinated. If vaccination is protection, aft a definite threshold, however tin the diminishing fig of unprotected endanger the overwhelming fig of protected? One way, of course, is if vaccines really aren’t protective, successful which case, well, you spot wherever that ellipse leads.

At this point, I person to prosecute an constituent of motivation panic ritual and declare, yet again, that I americium double-vaccinated and volition happily judge a booster changeable if needed. I would similar 100 percent of eligible Canadians to beryllium vaccinated. I indispensable admit I don’t afloat recognize vaccine hesitancy oregon absorption given, arsenic Charles Eisenberg has written successful an American context, that we aren’t turning into zombies successful the streets contempt the hundreds of millions present vaccinated.

But I don’t person to, bash I? Or, enactment different way, it isn’t incumbent connected COVID vaccine opposers to guarantee I recognize if their determination is simply a relation of their liberty. It would person been a just debate, peculiarly successful the discourse of a aesculapian pandemic, whether that is—or should be—a determination functional to their liberty. The occupation is, it’s not a statement we had.

We went from assurances that mandatory vaccination and concomitant proof-of-vaccination for nationalist activities would ne'er beryllium imposed successful usurpation of Canadians’ liberties, to the abrupt issuing of fiats and deadlines and threats of occupation loss. Liberty? Whatever. To anyone watching clear-eyed, 1 origin of this singular translation implicit the people of a abbreviated summertime was cynical governmental power-mongering astatine each levels of governance. But a 2nd catalyst, it’s present evident, was a populace stampeding from idiosyncratic fearfulness to outright nationalist motivation panic.

With grace and luck, present that the pandemic is giving mode to endemic COVID, the panic excessively volition subside and civilian liberty volition beryllium restored—dented, but not a write-off. A worst-case scenario, connected the different hand, would beryllium Canada afloat vaccinated with once-charter-guaranteed freedoms redefined arsenic “whatever.”

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Peter Stockland


Peter Stockland is simply a erstwhile editor-in-chief of the Montreal Gazette and co-founder of Convivium mag nether the auspices of the deliberation vessel Cardus. He is besides caput of strategical communications for Ottawa’s Acacia Law Group.

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