Vancouver Area Council Members Attend Chinese National Day Celebration, as Global Protests Are Held Against the CCP

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Some Vancouver-area municipal politicians precocious participated successful an lawsuit wherever Chinese consulate representatives celebrated the founding of the communist authorities successful Beijing.

On the aforesaid day, a fig of rights groups gathered to protestation the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) successful cities crossed Canada and successful different countries, arsenic portion of a planetary question against the regime’s authoritarian rule.

The Oct. 1 solemnisation was held astatine the Vancouver Art Gallery and titled “The 4th Chinese Culture and Art Festival,” according to respective Chinese-language media. China’s Consul-General successful Vancouver Yang Shu and Deputy Consul-General Wang Chengjun attended the event.

Phoenix Television, a media outlet partially owned by Beijing, reported that the lawsuit was to observe the 73rd National Day of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Yang said successful a code that Chinese-Canadians expressed “their genuine day wishes to their motherland.”

City of Richmond councillors Alexa Loo and Chak Kwong Au attended the event, and Phoenix Television reported that the Canadian politicians joined successful the solemnisation of the PRC’s National Day.

The Epoch Times asked Chak and Loo for comment. Chak didn’t respond, portion Loo said her attendance astatine assorted assemblage events “is not an endorsement of a peculiar belief.”

“I be assemblage events, due to the fact that I americium portion of the community. Arts, civilization and athletics are an fantabulous means of coming together, to larn astir each different and make community,” she said successful an email.

One of the groups co-hosting the Chinese Culture and Art Festival was the United Global Chinese Women’s Association of Canada (CWACA), according to a screenshot of a WeChat station from the enactment shared by the substack Found successful Translation. The Epoch Times reached retired to CWACA but didn’t perceive back.

On Sept. 10, Loo attended different event organized by CWACA, this clip to observe the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and found a Chinese library. The caller room is intimately affiliated with the Nantong Overseas Chinese Library in China, whose co-founder, Zhen Xiang, is besides the vice-chairman of an organization, the Federation of Jiangsu Returned Overseas Chinese. The Federation said connected its website that it follows the thoughts of erstwhile and existent CCP leaders, including the tone of “united beforehand work.”

“The Federation of Jiangsu Returned Overseas Chinese volition conscientiously instrumentality the opinions of the Central Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee … survey and instrumentality the tone of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, thoroughly survey and instrumentality the tone of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s bid of important speeches,” the website said, adding that it will “uphold the tone of agreed front” and “actively grow overseas enactment and enactment related to caller overseas Chinese immigrants.”

Loo said the Sept. 10 festival was a “multicultural creation event.”

“Our nationalist room has galore books with antithetic views, and opinions connected myriad topics, including fascism, nazi, apartheid, sex issues, inclusivity etc. Ideas are not the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy,” she said successful her email.

Library Project

At the Sept. 10 room unveiling, CWACA president Maria Xu described the caller room arsenic a “book drifting station,” explaining that “drifting” refers to the books having been archetypal collected successful China and past going connected to different parts of the world.

The room is part of a task that aims to physique 100 specified overseas Chinese libraries worldwide by the extremity of 2023.

The task was spearheaded by Zhen Xiang, laminitis of the Nantong Overseas Chinese Library, which is based in Nantong City, Jiangsu province, China.

In October 2021, Xu’s organization made a donation to the Nantong Overseas Chinese Library at an lawsuit wherever she met with Zhen, who said astatine the clip that the publication drifting stations volition assistance “spread overseas the dependable of the Chinese Communist Party and country, arsenic good arsenic cognition of Chinese culture.”

At the Sept. 10 event, Xu entered into an statement with 11 Chinese-language schools and 4 acquisition institutions successful British Columbia to found much “book drifting stations.” As of mid-August 2022, the Nantong Overseas Chinese Library had made agreements with overseas Chinese organizations and Chinese-language schools successful 27 countries, to physique a full of 42 publication drifting stations, according to an Aug. 19 article published connected the Nantong City authorities website.

Since 2016, Xu has been an honourary chair of the Canadian Alliance of Chinese Associations (CACA), a co-host of the Oct. 1 solemnisation astatine the Vancouver Art Gallery.

CACA, an umbrella enactment encompassing implicit 100 Chinese organizations, has previously echoed Beijing’s enactment line on definite issues, specified arsenic supporting the CCP’s claims to Taiwan successful a letter published successful Chinese-language media successful September.

The Epoch Times reached retired to CACA for remark but didn’t perceive back. The Epoch Times besides antecedently reached retired to Xu for remark but didn’t perceive back.

Global Anti-CCP Protest

On Oct. 1, aggregate organizations held demonstrations successful large Canadian cities, including Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, successful solidarity with a planetary anti-CCP protestation to coincide with the PRC’s National Day celebration.

In Vancouver, implicit 300 radical gathered extracurricular the Chinese consulate to protestation the communist regime’s maltreatment of taste and spiritual minorities, arsenic good arsenic different dissidents. Protesters came from assorted geographic backgrounds, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

The protesters chanted portion holding signs with slogans specified arsenic “Human rights for China,” and “Stop China’s Intrusion Now.”

Epoch Times Photo Protesters clasp signs astatine an anti-CCP objection held extracurricular the Chinese consulate successful Vancouver connected Oct. 1, 2022. (NTDTV/Melodie Von)

The Chinese consulate successful Vancouver is astir a 10-minute thrust from the Vancouver Art Gallery.

In Toronto, up to 500 people from a full of 9 organizations gathered astatine the Chinese Embassy to protestation Beijing’s repression of the Chinese people. Protesters carried galore signs and banners reading, “Free Hong Kong,” “Free Xinjiang,” “Free Tibet,” arsenic good arsenic “Shame connected CCP” and “CCP get out.”

Epoch Times Photo A motion seen extracurricular of the Chinese consulate successful Vancouver, wherever aggregate organizations held an anti-CCP protestation connected Oct. 1, 2022. (NTDTV/Melodie Von)

Similar protests against the CCP’s authoritarian regularisation besides took spot astir the satellite connected Oct. 1, including successful the United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, arsenic good arsenic successful large cities successful multiple European countries. In Manchester, northwestern England, an estimated 1,200 people took to the streets to protestation the regime.

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Andrew Chen is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.