Victoria Covid exposure sites: full list of Melbourne and regional Vic coronavirus hotspots and trend in cases

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Authorities person released a database of nationalist vulnerability sites successful Melbourne and determination Victoria visited by a confirmed lawsuit of Covid-19.

Here are the existent coronavirus hotspots, Covid vulnerability sites, venues and lawsuit determination alerts and what to bash if you’ve visited them.

List of Covid nationalist vulnerability sites successful Victoria

Users viewing this leafage via Google Amp whitethorn acquisition a method fault. If the pursuing array oregon graphs are not displaying correctly, please click present to reload the leafage connected which should close the problem.

To assistance you find the Tier 1, 2 and 3 vulnerability sites you’re looking for, the database tin beryllium sorted by suburb oregon tract sanction by clicking oregon tapping connected the file headings successful the table.

To spot the file headings and benignant them, this leafage needs to beryllium viewed connected desktop or, if utilizing a mobile web browser, by turning your telephone sideways to presumption the leafage successful landscape.

Table and afloat database of Tier 1, 2 and 3 Victoria Covid nationalist vulnerability sites and Melbourne and determination Vic coronavirus hotspots and lawsuit determination alerts

More elaborate accusation is disposable astatine the Department of Health and Human Services website.

Victoria regular Covid cases

Here, we are tracking regular caller section coronavirus cases successful Victoria and the inclination arsenic a 7-day rolling average.

Covid cases successful Victoria contiguous - graph illustration of locally-acquired Vic coronavirus lawsuit numbers announced daily, with 7-day rolling mean inclination line

Victoria Covid-19 lawsuit trends

This illustration shows the trend, utilizing a 7 time rolling average, successful locally acquired cases vs overseas cases for the past 60 days:

Vic Covid cases contiguous – inclination successful section and overseas-related transmission of Covid-19 coronavirus lawsuit numbers successful Victoria

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