Victoria Fuller: 5 Things To Know About ‘BIP’s Newest Arrival

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Victoria Fuller made her large debut on Bachelor successful Paradise astatine the extremity of the Sept. 27 premiere episode, and she’s acceptable to shingle things up connected the formation this week. It’s been much astir 3 years since Victoria’s play of The Bachelor premiered successful 2020. She was a contestant connected play 24 with Peter Weber.

Victoria decidedly made a splash connected her season, truthful her instrumentality to the formation for Paradise is decidedly 1 of the astir buzzed-about casting choices for play 8 of Bachelor successful Paradise. Previews however Victoria taking an involvement in Justin Glaze, who formed a transportation with Genevieve Parisi anterior to the newbie’s arrival. Ahead of the episode, larn much astir Victoria below:

1. What Happened To Victoria On ‘The Bachelor’?

victoria fullerVictoria Fuller connected ‘Bachelor successful Paradise.’ (ABC)

On play 24 of The Bachelor, Victoria was painted arsenic the villain by viewers and respective formed members. Drama ever seemed to travel Victoria, opening from her precise archetypal one-on-one with Peter. The 2 attended a Chase Rice performance and it was revealed that Victoria and Chase had history. She yet came cleanable to Peter astir antecedently dating Chase, and though helium was upset that she didn’t capable him successful sooner, they were capable to get past it.

Then, connected Victoria’s hometown date, Peter ran into a pistillate that he had antecedently dated who besides knew Victoria. The pistillate accused Victoria of breaking up “many relationships” successful the past. Peter confronted Victoria astir it and she got defensive, denying the accusations. He decided not to conscionable her family, but inactive wanted to springiness their narration 1 much changeable and gave her a roseate astatine the roseate ceremony.

Peter and Victoria spent the nighttime unneurotic successful the phantasy suite, but he eliminated her astatine the pursuing roseate ceremony. He told her that his relationships with Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss were farther on than his narration with her. Victoria was upset and near the amusement successful tears.

2. Victoria Dated Chris Soules

After her play of The Bachelor aired successful wintertime 2020, Victoria began dating different Bachelor Nation alum, Chris Soules. The 2 were acceptable up by Kelsey Weier, who was besides connected Victoria’s season. Kelsey knew Chris due to the fact that they were some from Iowa, and she gave Victoria his telephone number. After 3 weeks of talking and FaceTiming, Victoria flew to Iowa to conscionable Chris successful person.

That spring, Victoria and Chris social distanced together during the coronavirus pandemic, and the akin locations successful their societal media posts were what tipped fans disconnected to the relationship. They dated for the adjacent fewer months earlier breaking up astatine the extremity of summertime 2020.

“We went a abstracted direction,” she explained to Nick Viall connected his podcast that September. “But I respect him truthful much. I deliberation he’s an astonishing man. I conscionable deliberation that, like, close present I’m successful a precise antithetic spot than helium is. And I’m not moving to Iowa anytime soon.”

vicotria fuller peter weerVictoria Fuller and Peter Weber connected ‘The Bachelor.’ (ABC)

3. Victoria Has A Service Dog

Victoria has a canine named Buxton, who she says has helped with her anxiety. She besides revealed successful a 2020  Instagram station that helium was grooming to go a therapy dog, too. “As a therapy dog, Buxton volition beryllium providing comfortableness to children successful hospitals, affection successful status homes, emotion to those who whitethorn beryllium having a hard clip astatine schoolhouse & others who possibly conscionable request a hug,” she explained. As of 2022, Victoria inactive has Buxton and says he’s her “best friend.” She besides has a feline that she named Cat.

4. Does Victoria Fuller Have A Job?

When Victoria appeared on The Bachelor, she was moving arsenic a Medical Sales Rep successful Virginia Beach Virginia. However, the sanction of the institution she worked for astatine the clip was not confirmed Her now-deleted LinkedIn leafage revealed that she utilized to enactment astatine TEKsystems, and besides that she worked arsenic a substitute teacher successful section Virginia Beach schools.

After appearing on The Bachelor, Victoria concisely moved to Los Angeles, past re-located to Nashville. It does not look that she inactive works successful Medical Sales. Victoria attended Old Dominion University and graduated with a grade successful Economics successful 2015.

5. Is Victoria Saving Herself For Marriage?

In April 2021, Victoria revealed that she joined a nondenominational Christian assemblage successful Nashville and recovered a caller passionateness for religion. At the time, she said she planned connected redeeming herself for marriage, but it’s unclear if that is inactive the lawsuit a twelvemonth and a fractional later. “I grew up truthful Catholic that everything I did was judged oregon I ever felt similar I was doing thing wrong,” Victoria admitted. “I ne'er felt accepted. And present I’m opened up to this satellite wherever God is truthful bully and helium forgives.”