Victorian Premier’s Promise to Rename Hospital After Queen Elizabeth II Sparks Criticism

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has raised contention erstwhile helium promised to rebuild and rename a Melbourne infirmary successful honour of Queen Elizabeth II up of the authorities predetermination successful November.

In his bid for a 3rd term, the premier said if helium were re-elected, his authorities would walk up to $1.05 cardinal (US$700 million) to redevelop and grow the capableness of the Maroondah Hospital successful Ringwood East.

“The caller Queen Elizabeth II Hospital volition rebuild and refurbish the Maroondah Hospital from the crushed up,” Andrews said connected Sept. 18.

The Labor authorities said the redevelopment would see a caller exigency department, operating theatres, day-procedure facilities, specializer attraction spaces and 2 six-storey inpatient towers with 200 other beds, enabling the infirmary to service an further 9,000 inpatients per year.

It besides mentioned that operation would commence successful 2025 and make astir 2,500 jobs.

While providing details of the redevelopment plan, the premier did not elaborate connected however his authorities would money the project.

In its re-election pitch successful 2018, the Labor authorities promised to grow the exigency section for children. However, 4 years later, the task is inactive successful the readying stages and has not commenced construction.

Epoch Times Photo An outer presumption of the Royal Children Hospital successful Melbourne, Australia, connected Feb. 26, 2015. (Luis Ascui/Getty Images)

Criticism Toward Premier’s Announcement

Speaking astir the sanction change, Andrews said it was “a people of respect to her unwavering committedness to healthcare and our community.”

“The Queen was a longstanding protagonist of Victoria’s healthcare system,” helium said.

“As the patron of the Royal Melbourne and the Royal Children’s hospitals, she demonstrated her devotion to patients and their attraction whenever she visited their bedsides.”

The word “Maroondah” means “throwing leaves” successful the Aboriginal language, the Maroondah Council website states.

Meanwhile, determination are already hospitals successful Brisbane and Adelaide, and a aesculapian centre successful Perth named successful honour of the precocious Queen Elizabeth II.

Andrews’ infirmary renaming determination has attracted objection from galore assemblage members, with a growing online petition calling connected the premier to reconsider his determination and consult with First Nations groups and assemblage leaders.

The announcement came 1 time aft Victoria’s Opposition pledged to supply a $400 cardinal upgrade bundle to the Maroondah Hospital should it triumph the upcoming election.

After proceeding the news, Opposition Leader Matthew Guy criticised the Andrews authorities and said helium did not judge it would support its promise.

“If helium truly wanted to enactment $1 cardinal into Maroondah Hospital, he’s had 8 years to bash it. He’s been present a agelong time,” Guy told reporters.

“I stake if he’s elected, he’ll ne'er physique it.”

Additionally, among the promises made by the Opposition was $108 cardinal successful backing for a caller objective aesculapian probe centre astatine Box Hill Hospital, which is portion of the Eastern Health network.

Previously, the Opposition said it would cancel portion of the Suburban Rail Loop task and redirect $35 cardinal into the wellness system.

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