Video emerges of Draymond Green’s Warriors practice attack on Jordan Poole

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The punch heard ’round the NBA present has video down it.

TMZ obtained the footage of Draymond Green punching Jordan Poole astatine Wednesday’s Warriors practice. It looks similar the 2 exchanged words earlier Green approaches Poole. The defender past shoves the guardant earlier Green throws a punch that connected with Poole’s face, knocking him against wall.

Green sat retired signifier Thursday, portion Poole played. Warriors GM Bob Myers said that Green apologized to the squad connected Thursday and immoderate punishment for the arguable large antheral would beryllium handled internally.

“It’s unfortunate, I’m not going to contradict it,” Myers said. “It’ll instrumentality immoderate clip to determination through, but we’ll determination done it and determination forward, and I’m assured that we will. We’ve got a bully team, we’ve got bully leadership, we’ve got immoderate guys that person been present a agelong time.”

Shocking video shows Draymond Green violently attacking Jordan Poole, viciously punching him to the crushed close successful the mediate of a squad signifier … video obtained by TMZ Sports.

— TMZ Sports (@TMZ_Sports) October 7, 2022

The troubling video could summation the unit connected the Warriors to punish Green much harshly. It remains unclear what interior subject helium faces now.

After the communicative broke, determination were was a Yahoo! Sports study that Poole’s cognition had changed aft a breakout play successful Golden State a twelvemonth agone and with declaration negotiations ongoing.

“There was a circumstantial tweet that was enactment retired yesterday insinuating that [Poole’s] cognition oregon thing has changed … it’s implicit BS,” Curry said to reporters. “Andre [Iguodala] addressed it (Wednesday) with his tweet, and we tin benignant of permission it astatine that. [Poole] has been great, there’s thing that warranted the concern yesterday, to marque that clear. But it’s besides thing that, I consciousness like, volition not derail our play and what we’re trying to do.”

Draymond Green (left) and Jordan Poole during the 2022 NBA Finals. Draymond Green (left) and Jordan Poole during the 2022 NBA Finals. Getty Images
Draymond Green (left) and Jordan Poole during the 2022 NBA Finals.Draymond Green (left) and Jordan Poole during the 2022 NBA Finals.MediaNews Group via Getty Images

The Warriors, who bushed the Celtics successful six games successful past season’s NBA Finals. unfastened their rubric defence connected Oct. 18. Time volition archer if Green volition beryllium connected the level for that game.