Viral Michigan home with creepy skeleton listing photos sells for $63K

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The decrepit authorities of this Michigan location whitethorn nonstop shivers down your spine, but its listing images are adjacent much bone-chilling.

This 1,873-square-foot, five-bedroom dispersed successful the metropolis of Muskegon — which went viral connected Instagram this period for showing a skeleton costume-clad antheral striking creepy poses passim — has recovered a buyer, its listing agents told The Post.

Listed for $74,900, the spot sold connected Wednesday for $63,000 to an capitalist who plans connected flipping it. 

“It was conscionable unbelievable however overmuch publicity we got [from] the pictures,” said Lisa Vela, of Five Star Real Estate, 1 of the agents who represented this listing. “I’m funny successful seeing what it looks similar erstwhile it’s each done.”

Beauty lies successful the oculus of the beholder, but followers of the fashionable Zillow Gone Wild account connected Instagram were mostly shocked to spot the photos utilized to marketplace the house. While immoderate were cheeky, specified arsenic the skeleton antheral holding a motion that says “GREAT BONES” arsenic helium stands connected the porch, others were downright scary. One representation shows the costumed carnal peeking done an unfastened closet door, portion different showed his menacing grin disposable done a spread successful a wall.

The post, which earned astir 100,000 likes, netted immoderate 2,600 comments from followers, including, “Is this expected to promote oregon discourage imaginable buyers?” and, “That’s a nary for maine dawg.” But others, specified arsenic “Marketing GENIUS,” supported the eerie effort.

The thought for the sprout happened during a walk-through of the home, whose listing says it is “*NOT HAUNTED*.” Its touches see hardwood floors throughout, wood trims and pillars.

“It conscionable had a batch of beauteous features and I told Lisa, ‘Man, the bones connected this are truthful good!’” said Bre McCarthy, the different existent property cause who repped the listing. “It was benignant of comic due to the fact that we wanted to bash immoderate amusive selling for Halloween and the timing conscionable worked retired perfectly. I was like, ‘Hey, let’s get a skeleton successful determination and bash thing fun.’ ”

The skeleton man, she said, is simply a colleague’s fiancé.

“He has a truly bully consciousness of humor, truthful helium was each up for it erstwhile we told him what our program was,” said McCarthy.

It isn’t wide wherefore the home, which had been near vacant for a mates of months, fell into disrepair, but the skeleton gives it a spot of charm. Another listing representation shows him coating a wall, portion different shows him enjoying a infinitesimal of glee successful the light-filled kitchen.

Another brokerage had antecedently tried to merchantability the location successful May for $79,500, but Five Star took it implicit this month, according to Zillow, and the woody happened fast.

“We had thousands of views connected Zillow,” said McCarthy, who added the squad got their archetypal connection wrong 2 days of taking implicit the listing.

Asked if the photos lured successful the caller owner, she said, “I decidedly deliberation it helped.”