Virginia woman charged for threats to ‘bring every gun’ over school mask rule

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A Virginia parent was charged with making a menace connected schoolhouse spot aft she told section committee members she would bring “every azygous weapon loaded” if the territory instituted a disguise mandate.

Renewed disguise fights were touched disconnected this period aft the caller Republican politician of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, issued an enforcement bid making masks optional for students, taxable to the penchant of parents.

In Luray, a tiny municipality successful the Shenandoah Valley, the governor’s determination prompted a peculiar committee gathering connected Covid-19 mitigation strategies.

At the Thursday meeting, Amelia Ruffner King, 42, told schoolhouse committee members: “No disguise mandates – my child, my children volition not travel to schoolhouse connected Monday with masks on. That’s not happening.”

She continued: “And I volition bring each azygous weapon loaded and acceptable to – I will,” earlier she was chopped off.

“That’s 3 minutes,” a schoolhouse authoritative said.

Initially, constabulary said they had accrued information astatine schools but not made immoderate arrests.

Ruffner King’s connection “absolutely caused nationalist alarm”, constabulary said, adding that she “contacted instrumentality enforcement to apologize”.

“We person been successful interaction with the genitor who made the statement, she is cooperating with instrumentality enforcement,” constabulary said. “This incidental is inactive nether investigation.”

Police aboriginal charged Ruffner King and released her, connected a $5,000 bond.

After the meeting, schoolhouse superintendent Antonio Fox said successful a letter: “Page region nationalist schools does not instrumentality these kinds of statements lightly.”

Later that evening, committee members voted to determination from required cosmopolitan masking to optional masking.

The determination was made successful spite of warnings from the superintendent that without masks, much students whitethorn beryllium forced to quarantine if a pupil is recovered to beryllium infected.