Virtual Consultations With Doctors ‘Disastrous’ for Some Patients: UK Study

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Phone oregon video consultations with doctors tin beryllium “disastrous” for immoderate patients, though immoderate find them to beryllium “more convenient,” a caller UK survey has found.

According to the survey conducted by researchers from Cambridge University, patients respect alleged “telemedicine” to person “increased misdiagnoses, inequalities, and barriers to accessing care,” but much than 60 percent recovered it to beryllium “more convenient.”

Researchers surveyed 1,340 patients, the bulk of whom had inflammatory arthritis oregon lupus. They besides polled much than 100 clinicians betwixt April and July.

The immense bulk of respondents—86 percent of patients and 93 percent of clinicians—felt that telemedicine was worse than face-to-face consultations for accuracy of assessment, with immoderate reporting misdiagnoses.

One diligent told the researchers: “My rheumatologist cannot spot oregon perceive however I move, look astatine my skin, eyes, hair, hands, bones, however I americium … I was diagnosed with thing implicit the phone, which I cognize isn’t right, and it’s getting worse.”

Some 90 percent of clinicians and 69 percent of patients said that telemedicine made it much hard to physique a trusting narration betwixt doctors and patients.

There was besides interest that telemedicine would enactment definite groups of patients astatine a “substantial disadvantage,” including those with undiagnosed oregon much analyzable conditions, for whom English was not a archetypal language, oregon who had hearing, cognitive, oregon code difficulties.

One elder clinician said: “The accelerated digitalisation and usage of telemedicine indispensable enactment but due diligent enactment is key, it is cleanable for immoderate but disastrous for others.”

The study, which was published successful the diary Rheumatology, said, “The findings identified a spot for telemedicine for definite patients, yet a beardown wide penchant for face-to-face consultations from some clinicians and patients.”

Melanie Sloan, pb writer from the Primary Care Unit astatine the University of Cambridge, said the survey had exposed “the inherent risks and benefits of telemedicine for patients with analyzable conditions, which whitethorn person important implications for patients who person different superior oregon unpredictable semipermanent conditions.”

She expressed anticipation that “there volition beryllium a thorough appraisal of the objective and intelligence risks and steps taken to mitigate those risks, arsenic good arsenic enactment to code the anticipation of worsening existing wellness inequalities for those little apt to beryllium capable to payment from distant consultations.”

The emergence successful teleconsultations passim the COVID-19 pandemic has go an aggravated taxable of statement successful aesculapian communities.

Some patients person expressed penchant for face-to-face appointments but others person been exasperated astatine not being capable to spot doctors erstwhile requested.

Data published past week amusement immoderate 61 percent of appointments successful September were in-person. This fig was astir 80 percent earlier the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

PA contributed to this report.

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