Waka Flocka’s wife Tammy Rivera beefs with CVS employee in wild video

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Tammy Rivera Tammy Rivera claims a CVS idiosyncratic racially profiled her portion she was buying connected Sunday. Getty Images; Instagram


Waka Flocka Flame’s woman Tammy Rivera got into a screaming lucifer with a CVS worker connected Sunday successful a series of chaotic videos.

Rivera, 35, argued with the drugstore worker and claimed the idiosyncratic racially profiled her, according to TMZ. However, the “Love & Hip Hop” prima doesn’t privation to get the pistillate fired.

Rivera often stops by the CVS successful DeKalb County, Georgia, for each her drugstore needs and knows astir of the employees. But the idiosyncratic she fought with was a caller hire.

In the videos obtained by the Shade Room, Rivera claimed the pistillate wouldn’t halt staring astatine her arsenic she shopped and adjacent yelled astatine Rivera for opening a hairsbreadth accessory she wanted to buy.

The authorities were called erstwhile the CVS worker tried to footwear the vocalist retired of the store. Rivera near the store successful an effort to debar immoderate trespassing charges against her. The adjacent day, the parent of 1 filed a ailment to CVS and the wide manger rapidly called her to apologize for the employee’s actions.

Rivera told the outlet she doesn’t privation the institution to occurrence the woman, but would similar to spot her get much favoritism acquisition and training.

A CVS rep told TMZ that the store has a “firm non-discrimination policy” and ensures that each customers are “treated with respect and are offered courteous lawsuit service.” The institution volition besides beryllium launching an probe into the matter.

Rivera shared a video connected societal media pursuing the incidental to explicate her broadside of the story.

“I privation to beryllium treated reasonably and I’m a quality being. I don’t deliberation I look amended than everybody else,” she said successful the three-minute clip. “I’m a regular idiosyncratic and I don’t expect to beryllium treated with peculiar privileges.”

She continued, “I judge that you should greet the janitor with the aforesaid respect you springiness to the CEO.” She past added a connection to the employee, “Treat everybody fairly. You sat determination and you racially profiled me.”

“It’s brainsick due to the fact that I spot a batch of achromatic and brownish radical … we spell done it a lot,” Rivera said, adding that the idiosyncratic called her a “brown-skinned” pistillate connected the telephone to the police. “I conscionable felt like, wherefore would that adjacent substance [what my tegument colour is]?” she asked the camera.

“The full nighttime conscionable shook maine and I’m atrocious I fto this woman disturb my peace,” she concluded her video.