Wandering about in wild Provence- a landscape of poignant, feral beauty

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I person a chastening photographic memento of my archetypal travel to Provence, aged 21. I’m slouching against a partition successful a backmost alley successful Cannes, dressed successful a striped matelot’s shirt, and holding a 16mm Bolex cine camera – the precise representation of a nouvelle vague director. It isn’t wide what the camera is pointed at. I’d hired it to movie flamingos connected the Camargue saltmarshes, but got carried distant by the Riviera’s glamorous ambience and took it to the beach, wherever I promptly dropped it successful the sea. It felt similar a parable astir the insidious interaction of tourism successful the Mediterranean, a postscript to the process that had led to the naming of Nice’s seafront the Promenade des Anglais.

Salernes map

Several decades later, my partner, Polly, and I fancied trying different benignant of Provençal promenade. We were some earnestly successful thrall to the southbound of France and wanted to situation our ageing bodies to 10 days’ sauntering successful the distant bosom of the region, acold from the coastal hustle, among the limestone hills and lavender. We wouldn’t publication anyplace to enactment successful advance, we’d transportation everything we needed connected our backs, and we’d purpose for an inland country that looked encouragingly chaotic and hardly populated.

Richard Mabey successful  Cannes
A young Richard Mabey successful Cannes Photograph: Richard Mabey

We acceptable retired from Nice astatine the precise extremity of May, and wiggled our mode westbound by bid and autobus to the melancholy colony of Salernes, which we made our basal for the adjacent fewer days. In its 1 edifice that evening, the proprietor explained that it was a deprived settlement, wherever astir of the men worked successful the section quarries.

We walked from determination to Villecroze, wherever determination are troglodyte caves. We saw hoopoes and basked successful the scent of Spanish broom. But the countryside was changing dramatically. There were gathering works everywhere: farms being converted, scrubland enclosed down precocious walls. When I looked astatine an aerial photograph later, the astir conspicuous diagnostic was a dazzling bluish pixellation of caller swimming pools. The bourgeoisie were digging successful and putting up their high-security gateways.

The colony   of Carcès and 1  of its vineyards.
The colony of Carcès and 1 of its vineyards. Photograph: BTWImages/Alamy

And it wasn’t casual to get disconnected the roads. The French person mixed views astir onshore entree and aren’t peculiarly funny successful rambling. Beyond the Grandes Randonnées system, the conception of a nationalist footpath is simply a debatable one. We happened to acceptable retired astatine a clip erstwhile Provence (always politically bolshie) was having 1 of its periodic wrangles with the EU. We felt we were wandering into a acquainted confederate thicket, wherever determination is respect for the commune, but not the European community, oregon thing smacking of meddling officialdom.

France’s Blue bid of Topographical Maps sits connected the obstruction successful this past ideological stand-off, truthful aren’t overmuch assistance to a would-be rambler. They overgarment a perfectly close representation of the countryside – arsenic it mightiness beryllium seen from a satellite. Paths aren’t differentiated from hedges, nor nationalist ways from private.

So we blundered astir for days, losing our mode repeatedly arsenic waymarks mysteriously ended and paths split, unremarked by the map, into three. It didn’t truly matter. The prima shone and nightingales sang. At Sillans-la-Cascade, Polly had a dip successful the excavation beneath the waterfall and we heard the fluting of aureate orioles. Then we glimpsed one, a female, coloured the aforesaid milky greenish arsenic the limestone river. That day we tramped backmost to Salernes crossed country. Stumbling retired of a wood aft fording a stream, we bumped into the lone different walkers we met successful 10 days. It turned retired we’d strayed into the grounds of a status property called Paradis. They were not overmuch older than us, but called america “courageux”!

Montfort sur Argens.
Montfort-sur-Argens, wherever a greenish tourism inaugural is trying to present walking routes. Photograph: Hemis/Alamy

We walked southbound to the tiny colony of Montfort-sur-Argens, and fetched up astatine Le Chat Luthier, a B&B tally by Fabrice and Pierre. Their eating country is successful a converted cave, fitted with a wall-to-wall aquarium, and determination they served america a section supper which climaxed successful a dessert of herb crystal and chaotic thyme sorbet. Fabrice told america of their difficulties successful laying retired balades (the beauteous connection for a leisurely stroll) circular the village, arsenic portion of a greenish tourism inaugural called La Provence Verte. There is nary ineligible presumption for footpaths successful France, and section landowners are suspicious of adjacent informal designation, disquieted astir walkers suing if they autumn implicit connected the rocky paths.

The adjacent time we tried pursuing a locomotion from Fabrice’s map, but it petered retired astatine a chain-link fence. We ignored it and recovered ourselves successful a scenery of poignant, feral beauty, the flipside of the gentrification we’d seen earlier. Farming was retreating from this agelong of Provence, olive-growing losing to inexpensive effect from China and North Africa, and the past terraces were being invaded by glorious aromatic tides of broom and cistus and rosemary. There were much singing nightingales and orioles, and swooping rollers – similar crows but successful gaudy shades of blue. These, for amended oregon worse, volition beryllium the caller currency crops of La Provence Verte.

The writer  recovered  Salernes to beryllium  a ‘melancholy’ village.
The writer recovered Salernes to beryllium a ‘melancholy’ village. Photograph: niceartphoto/Alamy

The locomotion eastbound to Carcès wasn’t long, but crossed precocious crushed successful searing vigor with afloat packs, was our hardest stretch. We scrumped cherries and peaches from yet much derelict orchards, and had to inquire for h2o astatine the borderline of the village. Carcès was an energising spot to bent out. Multitudes of swifts screamed astir our room, bats poured retired of the roofs erstwhile we explored the municipality that evening, and we learned the crushed truthful galore houses had bottles of h2o outside: successful thing adjacent to sympathetic magic, they were meant to deter dogs from peeing against the doors.

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We cheated astatine this constituent and hired a car to thrust the 30km to the Massif de Maures, a chaotic and distant upland scope inland from Saint-Tropez. The northbound of the wood is Provence’s badlands, an arid savannah of umbrella pines connected pinkish granite bluffs. We explored it on a dried-up riverbed, done drifts of iris and chaotic tulip, with eagles and turquoise-and-ginger bee-eaters cruising supra us. Further south, the wood was denser, a premix of cork oak and chestnut, and the paths were strafed by enormous, two-tailed pasha butterflies. We recovered managed chestnut orchards among the chaotic trees, wherever the trees had grafts from particularly productive varieties. Chestnuts and chestnut flour – a communal staple this acold southbound – are 1 of the region’s main exports.

The confluence of 2  rivers adjacent   Carcès.
The confluence of 2 rivers adjacent Carcès. Photograph: Hemis/Alamy

We spent our past 2 nights successful the cosmopolitan municipality of Collobrières, successful the mediate of the Maures forest. It had the consciousness of a frontier town, with the market’s herb sellers barking successful Occitan (which ever sounds to maine similar French spoken by a Brummie) and chic Parisian second-homers and northbound Africans alike wandering the streets successful gorgeous Provençal costume. At the tourer centre, we learned of different enactment brewing with Brussels, implicit power of the forest, which, the locals protested, they had looked aft successfully for centuries and were extrêmement attached to. We felt they had a point, though the representation of those advancing weekenders’ villas wouldn’t spell away.

We bought a container of chestnut flour to instrumentality location and wished them well. We had walked done a Provence that is trying, similar truthful galore different places, to reconcile galore caller meanings for the countryside.

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