Want the perfect job? It’s £44k for a four-day week – but you have to go into the office

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Name: The cleanable job.

Status: Perfect.

Appearance: Mythological.

I don’t request to work this, due to the fact that I already similar my job. Yes, but is it perfect?

Well, no, thing is perfect. That’s wherever you’re wrong. A survey commissioned by Raja Workplace, which supplies concern and concern equipment, has revealed the nonstop credentials that marque a occupation perfect. Would you similar maine to tally done them?

Yes please. OK, the cleanable occupation has a 26-hour week. That’s a four-day enactment week of six-and-a-half hr days, excluding breaks. Wouldn’t that beryllium incredible? You’d yet beryllium capable to execute thing similar a work-life balance.

Great! What else? Apparently the cleanable occupation has a £44,000 salary. That’s astir £13,000 higher than the UK nationalist average.

Count maine in! Workers with the cleanable occupation besides person escaped cups of beverage and a comfy chair. Wouldn’t that beryllium nice? A beauteous watercourse of endless beverage is simply a motion that your leader values you.

This does dependable lovely. The cleanable occupation is besides situated 17 minutes from your house.

No thanks. I’ve got utilized to moving from location now. No, you don’t understand. You person to enactment successful an bureau that’s 17 minutes from your house. You person to. Oh! Here’s thing else: the cleanable occupation has an bureau with a beauteous view.

Now that I enactment from home, I get to look retired implicit a park. And I don’t person to walk money commuting. What’s incorrect with you, you dummy? Come to the office. Come on! It’s beauteous here. What if we gave you your day off? People besides emotion that, according to the survey.

I’m not a child. We each speech astir you down your back, you know.

What? Boris Johnson was right. We each gossip astir anyone who isn’t successful the office each the time.

Yuck. It’s conscionable banter. Workers emotion banter. In fact, they’ve said that their perfect brag is idiosyncratic they tin spell for a pint with.

That sounds similar a unsafe erosion of professional boundaries. Come on. Come retired for a pint with us. We’re a batch of fun!

Actually, present I think of it, I don’t truly similar my job. Covid has made millions of radical reassess their nonrecreational lives, and I deliberation I should articulation them. I quit! Have a pint with us, anyway.

You’re definite this isn’t a trap to get maine backmost into the office? Sure. Come on, it’s conscionable 1 drink.

OK. Wait, is that a nett successful your hands? Yes! We’ve got you now! Get to the bureau and work! Work until you drop!

Do say: “The cleanable occupation has a 26-hour week.”

Don’t say: “Hooray! This means I person 2 cleanable jobs.”