Warner Bros. defends ‘Batwoman’ actor Dougray Scott after Ruby Rose claims

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Warner Bros. chiefs person defended Dougray Scott aft his erstwhile “Batwoman” co-star Ruby Rose accused him of abusing women connected the show — and the workplace is insisting she was fired pursuing aggregate complaints astir her ain behavior.

“Dougray wounded a pistillate stunt double, helium yelled similar a small b—h astatine women and was a nightmare,” the 35-year-old Australian histrion posted successful an Instagram Story. “He near erstwhile helium wanted and arrived erstwhile helium wanted. He abused women and successful crook arsenic a pb of a amusement I sent an email asking for a no-yelling policy. They declined.”

However, successful a connection to The Post Monday, Warner Bros. said: “We condemn the comments made by Rose astir Scott. 

Warner Bros. is coming to the defence  of "Batwoman" histrion  Dougray Scott aft  erstwhile  co-star Ruby Rose leveled accusations astatine  him.Warner Bros. is coming to the defence of “Batwoman” histrion Dougray Scott aft erstwhile co-star Ruby Rose leveled accusations astatine him.WireImage; Getty Images

“Warner Bros. has recovered Mr. Scott to beryllium a consummate professional, and ne'er received immoderate allegation against him of bullying, oregon of abusive behaviour connected his part. Mr. Scott was greatly respected and admired by his colleagues, and was a person connected the set.”

In an astonishing comment, the connection read: “Warner Bros. Television did not prime up Ruby Rose’s enactment for an further play due to the fact that of aggregate complaints astir workplace behaviour that were extensively reviewed by the Studio.”

The institution antecedently condemned Rose’s claims arsenic “revisionist history.”

Multiple sources told The Post that Scott, 55, and his household had been having a hard clip amid Rose’s comments.

Scott has already defended himself, releasing a connection to the Wrap that read: “As Warner Bros. Television has stated, they decided not to workout the enactment to prosecute Ruby for Season 2 of ‘Batwoman’ based connected aggregate complaints astir her workplace behavior.

“I perfectly and wholly refute the defamatory and damaging claims made against maine by her; they are wholly made up and ne'er happened,” helium continued.

Ruby Rose was connected  "Batwoman" for conscionable  1  season.Ruby Rose played Batwoman connected the titular amusement for the archetypal play only.©CW Network/Courtesy Everett Collection

The Aussie histrion also slammed “Batwoman” showrunner Caroline Dries, arsenic good arsenic Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter of the show’s accumulation company, Berlanti Productions, promising to “come for you truthful what happened to maine ne'er happens to different idiosyncratic again.”

Rose, who roseate to fame connected the Netflix deed “Orange Is the New Black,” began the bid of posts by tagging Dries, Berlanti and Schechter, writing, “Enough is enough.”

Rose, who near her relation arsenic Batwoman, aka Kate Kane, aft lone 1 season, claimed that erstwhile Warner Bros. Television president Peter Roth “forced” her backmost to enactment pursuing country from a cervix wounded and hired a backstage researcher to excavation up ungraded connected her.