Warriors troll Klay Thompson with new jersey after NBA 75th anniversary list snub

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Klay Thompson is No. 77, astatine slightest successful the eyes of the Warriors.

After Thompson was near disconnected the 76-man NBA 75th day team, immoderate of his teammates talented him a No. 77 jersey, per ESPN. Draymond Green posted a video connected his Instagram communicative of Thompson wearing the jersey successful Golden State’s value room, and different of the jersey hanging successful his locker.

Thompson had been upset astir the snub, posting connected Instagram earlier successful the week that helium was “still pissed astir this anserine ass list” and “sick of the disrespect.”

It does look he’s consenting to person immoderate amusive with it now, joking astir it successful the video connected Green’s Instagram.

“77!” Thompson said. “Best subordinate of each time, baby!”

“You person to wit him with everything,” Warriors manager Steve Kerr told reporters, per ESPN. “His teammates evidently got that done to person a laughter with him. But I deliberation each these guys, they’re truthful competitory by nature, they wouldn’t person made it this acold if they weren’t truly competitive.

“And astatine immoderate point, guys latch onto things to thrust them. Klay has accomplished beauteous overmuch everything. He’s a multi-time champion, multi-time All-Star, 1 of the top 3-point shooters ever. He’s already competitive, but if that’s what it takes to marque him much competitive, past we’ll instrumentality it.”

Klay Thompson NBA 75Warriors teammates gave Klay Thompson a No. 77 jersey, and helium played on by wearing it.Instagram/@money23green

Kerr guessed that Stephen Curry was down the prank. Curry made an quality successful Green’s video, laughing portion saying, “Get the caller jersey! New jersey alert!”

“I didn’t cognize what it meant, astatine first,” Kerr said, per ESPN. “And past idiosyncratic explained it. I thought it was quite, rather funny.”