Washington Deputy Mayor Charged With Assault After Allegedly Grabbing Man by His Neck

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Washington, D.C., Deputy Mayor Chris Geldart was charged with battle and artillery aft allegedly getting into a combat extracurricular a gym successful Virginia implicit the past weekend.

Geldart was placed “on leave” aft the charges were filed against him, according to Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office.

“We instrumentality immoderate accusations earnestly and are reviewing the matter. While it is nether review, Deputy Mayor Geldart is connected leave. Unfortunately, it sounds similar thing that happens to a batch of people—a quality implicit thing minor—and we anticipation it is resolved quickly,” the mayor’s bureau told section media connected Wednesday.

Geldart allegedly got into a verbal quality with a antheral aft opening his car door, hitting the conveyance belonging to the victim, said the Arlington County Police successful Virginia.

“The fishy and antheral unfortunate became engaged successful a verbal quality aft the doorway of the suspect’s parked conveyance struck the conveyance the unfortunate was entering,” said Arlington County Police Department spokeswoman Ashley Savage. “The quality escalated, during which the fishy allegedly grabbed the unfortunate by the throat.”

Savage told Arlington Now that “the unfortunate responded to the Office of the Magistrate, completed a transgression ailment and a warrant for Assault and Battery was issued for Christopher Geldart, 53, of Falls Church.”

Geldart aboriginal turned himself to instrumentality enforcement and was released connected a tribunal summons, she said.

Video Footage

Purported video footage of the incidental shows a larger antheral approaching different antheral successful a parking batch earlier the larger appears to propulsion the different 1 away. The larger antheral is past seen walking backmost to the vehicle.

The District of Columbia’s website says Geldart has served arsenic the District of Columbia’s Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice since helium was named to the presumption successful January 2021.

“Something should beryllium done. It’s not okay,” Dustin Woodward, who’s identified arsenic a trainer astatine the gym, told Fox5, saying that Geldart was progressive successful anterior incidents astatine Gold’s Gym. “We’ve been dealing with him a portion astatine Gold’s (Gym). Multiple locations really that’s however we adjacent figured retired who helium was.”

Woodward told the outlet that helium was the unfortunate arsenic seen successful the video.

“It’s a small frustrating, right? Because he’s mode excessively large to beryllium trying to beryllium a bully, particularly with his position,” helium said, adding: “Something needs to beryllium done due to the fact that you can’t conscionable maltreatment your powerfulness similar that. That’s beauteous frustrating connected my end.”

The Epoch Times has contacted some the D.C. Mayor’s Office and Geldart for comment.

An automatic reply from Geldart’s email code said Thursday: “Thank you for contactiing the Office of the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety. Deputy Mayor Geldart volition beryllium retired of the office.”

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