Wayne Couzens lodges appeal against whole-life sentence

2 months ago 61

The constabulary serviceman who murdered Sarah Everard has lodged an entreaty to trim the magnitude of his jailhouse sentence.

Wayne Couzens was handed a whole-life tariff successful September aft kidnapping, raping and murdering the 33-year-old.

The Metropolitan constabulary firearms serviceman utilized his warrant paper and handcuffs to snatch the selling enforcement disconnected the street, utilizing Covid lockdown rules to marque a mendacious arrest.

The 48-year-old had been readying for astatine slightest a period earlier abducting Everard arsenic she walked location from a friend’s location successful Clapham, southbound London, connected the evening of 3 March.

A tribunal of entreaty authoritative said connected Wednesday: “An exertion (for support to equine an entreaty against sentence) has been lodged.”

Passing condemnation astatine the Old Bailey, Lord Justice Fulford said the lawsuit successful which a serving serviceman abused his presumption was truthful exceptional that it warranted a whole-life order, meaning Couzens volition ne'er beryllium freed.

It was the archetypal clip the condemnation had been imposed for a azygous execution of an big not committed successful the people of a panic attack.

The justice said: “The misuse of a constabulary officer’s relation specified arsenic occurred successful this lawsuit successful bid to kidnap, rape and execution a lone unfortunate is of adjacent seriousness arsenic a execution for the intent of advancing a political, spiritual oregon ideological cause.”

After the sentencing, Everard’s devastated household said that, portion thing could bring her back, knowing Couzens “will beryllium imprisoned for ever brings immoderate relief”.

Earlier this month, Reading violent Khairi Saadallah mislaid a tribunal of entreaty situation against his whole-life condemnation for the murders of 3 men, pursuing a proceeding astatine the Royal Courts of Justice.