We Finally Have a Timeline for Kids' COVID Vaccines

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After astir a twelvemonth of waiting and wondering, we yet person a tentative timeline for erstwhile COVID-19 vaccines for children aged 5 to 11 mightiness beryllium authorized. The White House announced a program today that hinges connected FDA and CDC decisions, which should beryllium finalized by Nov. 3 if each goes well. There is arsenic yet nary timeline for vaccines for children younger than 5.

The upcoming decisions volition screen Pfizer shots, specifically; Pfizer has asked the FDA to grow its exigency usage authorization (EUA) to see children aged 5 to 11. Making this hap involves a fewer authorities agencies, and they conscionable successful order, similar so:

  1. The FDA’s advisory sheet connected vaccines, VRBPAC, volition conscionable connected Oct. 26 to sermon Pfizer’s exertion and ballot connected whether the vaccine should beryllium authorized for kids 5 to 11. This gathering is public, and you tin tune successful here.
  2. Shortly afterward, the FDA volition contented its authoritative decision. If the advisory sheet votes yes, it’s apt that the FDA volition assistance the authorization.
  3. Next, the CDC’s advisory sheet connected vaccines, ACIP, meets to sermon and ballot connected who should beryllium recommended to get the vaccine. This gathering is besides public, and the webcast nexus volition beryllium shared here.
  4. Shortly afterward, the CDC makes their authoritative recommendation. Keep an oculus connected the news.
  5. According to the White House, “we volition beryllium acceptable to statesman getting shots successful arms successful the days pursuing a last CDC recommendation.”

When volition we cognize if the vaccine is harmless for children?

The agencies volition beryllium looking implicit information and efficacy information submitted by Pfizer, and perchance different information that whitethorn beryllium available. If determination are immoderate concerns astir whether the vaccine is harmless capable oregon effectual enough, we’ll perceive astir them during this process.

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One of the cardinal moments to wage attraction to volition hap conscionable anterior to the Oct. 26 meeting: Staffers astatine the FDA usually hole a study with their mentation of the submitted information and station it publically connected the VRBPAC meetings page. (Expect it to beryllium uploaded here, toward the bottom, labeled thing similar “Briefing papers - FDA.”) Major quality outlets volition study connected this, since the FDA’s instrumentality connected the information is the archetypal large hint astir whether it’s up to snuff.

As some a genitor and a wellness reporter, I’ll beryllium watching for that papers and the absorption to it. If determination are reddish flags, that mightiness mean the vaccine won’t beryllium authorized oregon recommended according to the projected timeline. After all, the November preparations are lone for if the vaccine is judged to beryllium harmless and effective.

By Halloween the FDA volition person apt made their decision; it’s the FDA that decides whether the vaccine should beryllium connected the market, portion the CDC makes recommendations astir who should get it. If the FDA thinks the vaccine looks good, the CDC signifier should beryllium beauteous creaseless and straightforward. On the different hand, if the FDA’s sheet had concerns astir the vaccine’s information oregon efficacy successful definite groups of people, the CDC whitethorn determine not to urge it for those groups. And if the FDA were to springiness a flat-out “no,” the CDC sheet astir apt won’t adjacent fuss to meet.

When tin I marque an assignment for my kid’s vaccine?

According to the White House’s plan, the national authorities has already purchased capable of the Pfizer vaccine to proviso each 28 cardinal 5-to-11-year-olds successful the U.S.

In summation to the places wherever adults tin already get vaccines, determination volition beryllium caller vaccine clinics acceptable up specifically to scope kids. The program notes these volition include:

  • Pediatricians’ offices
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • School and assemblage clinics
  • Community wellness centers and agrarian wellness centers

Keep an oculus retired successful your assemblage for these clinics to beryllium announced, and see asking your child’s schoolhouse oregon pediatrician if they person plans to commencement giving the vaccine. Unlike different vaccines, which are purchased by healthcare providers, each COVID-19 vaccines are presently paid for by the national authorities and distributed to authorized vaccination sites. According to the White House’s plan, these sites volition beryllium capable to commencement giving vaccines “within days” of the last proposal from the CDC—and it looks similar that could mean the archetypal week of November.