‘We had a fierce anger and suspicion’: Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood on Radiohead’s Kid A and Amnesiac

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Stanley Donwood I can’t judge the guiltless satellite we lived successful erstwhile we were making this work. It was earlier 9/11, earlier the “war connected terror”, earlier the conjoining of the constabulary and the subject – each of the societal changes that person led towards the presumption we present find ourselves in. It wasn’t imaginable to cognize what was going connected astir the satellite successful the aforesaid mode that it is now, erstwhile quality has go a benignant of surrogate entertainment.

Thom Yorke Everybody progressive felt similar we’d been successful immoderate weird circus for rather a while, aft OK Computer. Personally, I mentally wholly crashed, arsenic did Stan. We each did, successful a way. Rather than immersing ourselves successful this congratulatory ambiance astir us, we felt the full opposite. There was this fierce tendency to beryllium wholly connected the extracurricular of everything that was going on, and a fierce anger, and suspicion. And that permeated everything. It was wholly retired of proportion, profoundly unhealthy – but that’s wherever we were at.

SD There was a batch of jingoistic triumphalism successful fashionable culture.

TY We felt that determination was a benignant of uncomfortable displacement successful consciousness going on. Maybe that was the reasonably accelerated disillusionment with Tony Blair: each the Cool Britannia nonsense, and each the artwork – the benignant of happening that was called “Brit art”, and the YBA improvement that preceded that play … it conscionable didn’t talk to us. The operation “spin with a grin” was flying astir astatine the time, due to the fact that of the assertive and self-serving PR code coming retired of the New Labour government. It was a unusual caller improvement to behold, and 1 present taken for granted: an obsession with however 1 looks alternatively than what 1 does.

SD There was a batch of disappointment astir integrity, oregon deficiency thereof, pertaining to Tony Blair.

TY We wanted to physique a studio, and it wasn’t ready, truthful we went connected this precise unusual travel to Paris, and we went to this accumulation …

SD David Hockney successful the Pompidou. Incredible. It was conscionable fundamentally loads of canvases, but felt similar you were successful thing the size of the Grand Canyon. And that’s what kicked the full happening off: let’s marque these monolithic landscapes, these epic things.

Thom Yorke Stanley Donwood
Ice Age Coming, by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood.

TY And past we were successful Cornwall, each inspired by Hockney, wandering retired connected to the moors; bash you retrieve this?

SD It was freezing.

TY Bitter cold. And we lone had each the incorrect colours, and these large canvases …

SD I thought it would beryllium truly comic if we painted conscionable successful shades of bluish and purple.

TY We sat down successful this chromatic circle, and we were coating for ages. And this aged mates came and talked to us: “Oh, what are you doing?” They were looking guardant to looking astatine our paintings. And they were each fucking … bluish and purple. And they walked disconnected without saying anything.

I’d a had a implicit originative block, and Rachel, my spouse astatine the time, had said: “Stop trying to marque music. Stop wholly for a while.” So I was wandering astir conscionable drafting thing I could see. Landscape. So scenery became an highly important portion of what was going on, due to the fact that it loosened maine up.

SD Just creating a satellite successful which you tin archer a story. I felt similar I was conscionable afloat of worldly that I wanted to get out: each these ideas, each these interpretations of existent affairs, politics, history. But it felt similar you couldn’t bash it successful isolation: you had to physique immoderate benignant of operation that it would marque consciousness in, different you’d conscionable beryllium a loony connected a bus.

TY You tin prime up either of our sketchbooks astatine the clip and some the monologues are perpetually self-destructive. So the enactment of sitting down successful beforehand of a scenery and conscionable trying to correspond that successful immoderate mode we felt – choosing to perceive to that and not immoderate of the crap successful your caput – was a massively freeing experience. I spent a batch of clip alone, trying to get escaped of this self-destructive sound successful the caput … But this 1 was similar a tortuous travel from astir full gridlock: implicit deficiency of confidence, implicit cynicism successful our ain success, not feeling successful immoderate mode connected culturally with what was going connected successful our ain country, but astatine the aforesaid clip being alert that we were successful a truly privileged position.

SD And astatine the aforesaid clip I was benignant of consumed with a benignant of a gnawing interest that …

TY … it was each bollocks. Approaching each time arsenic if we’re full bluffers and someone’s going to find america retired astatine immoderate moment.

SD So, nary alteration there.

TY There was nary map. We conscionable were trying to beryllium very, precise instinctive.

SD It felt similar if a method was developing, that was a atrocious thing. If you’re doing things by a method you conscionable extremity up with the aforesaid effect successful antithetic iterations. We were trying to destruct methods, to destruct habit. Basically, truly perversely trying to marque things arsenic hard arsenic we could each the time.

TY I don’t deliberation we needed to try. It’s conscionable what we do.

SD The 2 records to me, successful my head, felt precise different. Kid A was these progressively urgent answerphone messages near connected a telephone that nary 1 ever listened to, and Amnesiac – I had this thought that Amnesiac was songs that had been near successful a drawer successful an aged dusty thorax of drawers that had been near successful an attic. So some of them were benignant of … benignant of crying retired for attention, but had been forgotten. I was spending a batch of clip successful London … I deliberation I went a spot mad, due to the fact that I did commencement to deliberation that London was a benignant of prison.

Thom Yorke Stanley Donwood
Minos Wall, by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood.

TY I don’t cognize wherefore you started drafting minotaurs; I don’t cognize wherefore that started.

SD The labyrinth.

TY He was banging connected astir this each the time, the labyrinth thing.

SD I was obsessed with it …

TY On and connected and connected helium went. And it truly formed portion of what was happening. The minotaur cursed to repetition its mistakes successful a maze. We had this full program worked retired for this ziggurat, wherever radical could log on, and physique a country successful the ziggurat themselves, and permission messages for different radical …

SD And they had to usage a definite fig of characters. We fundamentally invented Twitter earlier Twitter, and failed to marque immoderate wealth from it.

TY It was called the Byzantine Ziggurat. But we didn’t privation anyone’s data, truthful it was ne'er going to work.

SD I was a existent evangelist for the net successful the beginning; I thought it was going to beryllium amazing. I thought it was going to beryllium similar Gutenberg’s movable type; it was going to revolutionise the world, and it did, lone successful a mode that I didn’t foresee. It’s go the worst happening that you could imagine.

TY But going backmost to the artwork and the music: to me, the creatures successful the Amnesiac artwork truly felt similar the abstracted, semi-comical, stupidly dark, mendacious voices that battled america arsenic we tried to work. Personifications of the temper of the time, that flowed successful and retired of the songs and writing. The faceless terrorists; the self-serving politicians; firm bigwigs hugging.

The quality of being a songwriter, oregon a painter, oregon whatever, is to clasp a beginner’s mind. The hunt is the point. The flailing astir is the point. The process is the point. I similar being fixed worldly and possibly uncovering a communicative that idiosyncratic other doesn’t see. I similar erstwhile [Radiohead guitarist] Jonny gives maine a portion of material, oregon Stan gives maine a spot of writing, and I say: “This bit, and this bit.” And past likewise that volition get done to me. Stan is precise bully astatine being capable to spot thing successful thing I did that I was virtually astir to bin. That means you’re ever moving beyond what you expect.

SD It’s overmuch much productive moving with different radical than it is moving alone, I think.

TY Yep. Always. The elemental information that we ne'er adjacent thought it was a occupation to overgarment connected each other’s paintings, and constitute connected each other’s penning …

SD We would commencement connected 2 canvases adjacent to each other, and aft a definite magnitude of time, swap implicit and commencement moving connected the different one. And fundamentally support doing that until idiosyncratic had … “won” the painting.

TY Always him.

SD Yes, but I’m not precise bully astatine music, truthful it’s fair. And with the penning arsenic well, it was a precise benignant of similar … backmost and forth. I thin towards a precise over-meticulous, over-detailed, somewhat anally retentive benignant of penning – and drafting and coating arsenic well. And Thom’s benignant of the opposite.

TY I’d beryllium going disconnected connected 1 successful each directions, flailing around, experimenting with tons of antithetic things, not adjacent worrying whether it was going to beryllium lyrics oregon not. And Stan was doing the same; Stan had besides been penning abbreviated stories, and that was influencing maine arsenic well. It spiralled.

I would similar to deliberation that the freaky quality of however we went astir doing each of this, for anybody that’s interested; I anticipation it inspires a mode of celebrating this thought of process. Just to fto the vessel drift and spot wherever it’s going to go. Don’t leap out; conscionable spot wherever it goes. Not needfully wanting extremity results; not needfully trying to get to an extremity point. That’s truly important to me.

Thom Yorke Stanley Donwood
Target 80s Landscape, by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood. Additional machine rendering by Nigel Godrich.

Out of the archetypal satellite war, and retired of each the positivism of the concern revolution, determination was this disillusionment successful the 1920s, right? You had this unspeakable Spanish flu, millions of radical dying … and astatine immoderate constituent it lifts. It each lifts, and past you get the roaring 20s. You get this explosion successful euphony and creation and film. What’s truly absorbing is that we’re witnessing connected 1 broadside a determination by definite states, similar Britain, to prosecute america successful immoderate horrific benignant of doublethink. Being told however fantastic everything is erstwhile virtually thousands of radical are dying each day. Being told by the authorities however good they’re doing. That’s what we’re ingesting.

But we’re besides hopeless for thing existent and existent that speaks to us. People person been speechmaking more. They’ve been watching films more. I consciousness that there’s going to beryllium a monolithic reaction. Kid A and Amnesiac are, if thing else, a solemnisation of what is imaginable erstwhile a clump of radical get unneurotic and hide astir everything but trying to make enactment that speaks to them astatine that moment, successful a benignant of frenzied, last-days-on-Earth benignant of way. I don’t cognize wherefore we thought it was the past days connected Earth, but I conjecture we did; it was the millennium, whatever. But that benignant of madness is important. That’s surely however I’ve seen it, digging done this stuff, going: “Who are these people? They request help,” but astatine the aforesaid clip being truly arrogant of that country of radical doing it.

We yet applied our training. The lone happening I would person said to maine past – to each of us, but particularly maine – is, that dependable successful your caput that’s telling you to torch the tapes and locomotion away, that everything you’re doing is shit? You request to springiness that feline a steadfast talking to. You deliberation he’s helping you out, but helium isn’t.

SD I can’t judge I was specified a fucking pessimist. Now that planetary warming has been sorted retired and each struggle has been resolved, my gloomy instrumentality connected beingness seems ludicrous.

Edited extract and images taken from Kid A Mnesia by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood, published 11 November by Canongate Books (£30). Also retired is Fear Stalks the Land! by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood (Canongate, £9.99). These books are publishing alongside the multiple-format triple-album 21st-anniversary merchandise of Kid A and Amnesiac titled Kid A Mnesia connected 5 Nov, arsenic good arsenic the Kid A Mnesia accumulation retired via Epic Games successful November.