‘We Have a Communist Takeover’: Thousands of NYC Firemen and Police Officers Defy Vaccine Mandates in Largest Protest Yet

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandate last week for each metropolis workers to get COVID-19 vaccines gave emergence to adjacent much protesters lasting up against what they spot arsenic a usurpation of freedom of prime and a communist takeover of the country.

The Epoch Times was determination to interrogation immoderate of the NYPD officers and FDNY participants, and witnesser the monolithic march crossed the Brooklyn Bridge that ended successful beforehand of City Hall connected Monday afternoon.

Protesters chanted slogans arsenic they marched successful enactment of state and against the mandates issued by de Blasio and President Joe Biden.

Active FDNY Captain Jason Wendell of Engine 274 said that determination were “thousands and thousands” of them contiguous successful the Monday march.

“New York City firefighters and constabulary officers person been exposed for the past 20 months to COVID-19. Most of america person gotten the sickness and gotten implicit it perfectly good and person earthy immunity,” Wendell said, “and the information that the politician and politicians are not acknowledging that the immense bulk of america are already people immune is thing abbreviated of tyrannical.”

Epoch Times Photo Fireman Jason Wendell protesting against NYC vaccine mandates, Manhattan, New York, connected Oct. 26, 2021. (Sarah Lu/The Epoch Times)

“There were thousands and thousands of New York City firemen and New York City constabulary officers, sanitation workers, and teachers present contiguous to protestation these obscene mandates.”

The mandate volition impact 160,500 metropolis employees, which includes archetypal responders.

If they neglect to amusement vaccination impervious by Oct. 29, they volition apt beryllium sent location without pay.

“The metropolis volition go overmuch much unsafe without archetypal responders and constabulary officers and sanitation workers keeping the metropolis functioning, this volition person a tremendous antagonistic interaction connected the radical of New York arsenic you propulsion retired these workers from service,” Wendell added.

Paul, a 24-year-old NYPD officer, has been with the constabulary for 3 years. He said that helium joined the march due to the fact that he’s being denied state of choice.

“It should beryllium our choice,” Paul said. “I personally don’t privation [the vaccine] and if it’s that effectual for everyone else, past they shouldn’t attraction if we get it.”

“The messaging by the authorities was saying that it wasn’t effectual … if the government’s telling that, past wherefore would I get it. It’s not effective.”

Epoch Times Photo Thousands of protesters against the NYC vaccine mandates march on Brooklyn span into Manhattan, New York, connected Oct. 26, 2021. (Petr Svab/The Epoch Times)

Retired constabulary serviceman Philip McManus worked for NYPD from 1990 to 2018.

“Why are we here? We’re here, it’s not conscionable due to the fact that of forced mandates, aesculapian mandates. This is astir freedom. This is the existent issue, it’s astir freedom. And we’re warring a dictatorship successful this country. We’re warring a tyranny successful our country. The world is, we person a president who is forcing radical to bash thing that is perfectly against their spiritual opinions oregon their aesculapian decisions, and we person to bash everything we tin to combat for everyone. Everyone that was forced to beryllium vaccinated needs to basal agreed for freedom. We each cognize what’s going connected successful this country. We person a communist takeover successful this country. ”

“Give maine liberty oregon springiness maine death,” helium said, quoting Patrick Henry’s celebrated words from 1775.

Epoch Times Photo Retired NYPD serviceman Philip McManus protesting against NYC vaccine mandates successful Manhattan, New York, connected Oct. 26, 2021. (Sarah Lu/The Epoch Times)

“How situation immoderate politician, immoderate corrupt politicians deliberation that they could unit Americans to instrumentality this vaccine?

“Wake up America! we’re warring tyranny successful this country. We are warring communism successful this country.

“We’re connected the broadside of God and truth.”

Epoch Times Photo Thousands of protesters against the NYC vaccine mandates march on Brooklyn span into Manhattan, New York, connected Oct. 26, 2021. (Petr Svab/The Epoch Times)

George, 53, a retired fireman and seasoned that worked for the FDNY for 22 and a fractional years, doesn’t privation to get vaccinated due to the fact that helium believes they are dangerous.

“If you surf connected each the alternate media sites—not Facebook, Youtube, wherever they censor each that stuff—there are a cardinal videos of radical retired determination that get palsy, they got the shakes, 1 girl’s got elephantine humor clots successful her cheeks, radical are dying.”

“We’re successful twelvemonth 2 of ’15 days to dilatory the spread.’ And arsenic a escaped American and a veteran, there’s not a person live successful this state that has the powerfulness oregon authorization to compel you, me, oregon anyone other to instrumentality the vaccine oregon deterioration a mask. We’re escaped Americans. It’s clip for radical to aftermath up,” George further noted.

“The precise aforesaid assemblage that wants to prohibition guns to ‘save the children’ portion being champions of abortion, they’re saying ‘my assemblage my choice.’ Oddly enough, ‘my assemblage my choice’ doesn’t privation to enactment for this.”

He added that conscionable by being asked if you are vaccinated, it would number arsenic a usurpation of the HIPPA aesculapian privateness laws.

‘It’s About Control’

An NYPD serviceman who identified himself arsenic “Qball and retirements” opined that the mandates mightiness pb to a strategy of totalitarian technological control.

“I reason the mandate due to the fact that of the New World Order. It’s not astir the virus. It’s astir exertion and power of the masses,” helium said.

The Epoch Times besides interviewed NYC peculiar and wide acquisition pre-K teacher Jessica Castellon.

“I don’t judge experimental drugs should beryllium mandated connected children whose carnal improvement and cognitive improvement is inactive unrolling. We don’t cognize the semipermanent effects of this connected children. We don’t cognize the semipermanent effects of this connected adults who already person afloat formed functioning bodies. We don’t cognize what this volition bash to the children and we cannot spend to person America’s aboriginal procreation imperiled by a drug, conscionable to [line] the pockets of the politicians and those successful Pfizer, Moderna, and each the different pharmaceutical companies,” Castellon said.

“The mandates person had a antagonistic interaction connected teachers and others similar teachers assistants and different unit members of the DOE due to the fact that they’re statewide. In New York State determination is simply a statewide shortage of teachers, truthful erstwhile teachers are placed connected unpaid leave, that stresses the sub cardinal system. There are not capable substitute teachers to screen these absences.”

The Epoch Times reached retired to the mayor’s bureau for comment.

The Epoch Times reported that successful Chicago, the immense bulk of firemen and constabulary initially didn’t privation to instrumentality the vaccine, but that concern changed aft they started getting sent location without pay, facing a long, uncertain process with HR if they privation to return.

Peter Svab and Sarah Lu contributed to this report.

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