Weighing Big Tech’s Promise to Black America

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In the spring of 2020, folks successful New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward started flocking to the Sankofa nutrient pantry connected Dauphine Street nevertheless they could—by car, connected bicycles, rolling pushcarts connected foot. The lines were brisk but changeless arsenic the cascading effects of the coronavirus pandemic swept done the vicinity of pastel-colored houses. Some radical had mislaid jobs. Others were caring for loved ones sick with the virus, oregon picking up nutrient for radical nether quarantine. For Rashida Ferdinand, the manager of the nonprofit that operates the pantry, the crush of request posed a bid of dilemmas—beginning with the information that she could nary longer let radical wrong the building. But 1 happening was sure: Shutting down the pantry was retired of the question. No substance what, Ferdinand says, “we knew we needed to enactment open.”