Wellington Airport Bookstore Criticised Online After Xi Jinping’s Political Theories Given Premium Place

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Books written by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) person Xi Jinping are being sold astatine an fantabulous spot successful the airdrome bookstore successful Wellington, New Zealand’s capital.

Multiple copies of “Xi Jinping: The Governance of China Volume Four” are connected salient show astatine the forefront support of a bookstore, a photograph circulating connected societal media shows.

Mark H. Leo, the Twitter idiosyncratic who posted the picture, told The Epoch Times that helium saw the photograph and different mentation representation from a radical chat connected WeChat, a fashionable Chinese societal media platform, by a poster who goes by the sanction Ma Xiaojun.

A translation of the Wechat station states that: “Someone was travelling successful a tiny metropolis successful New Zealand. After entering the airdrome bookstore, [he/she] was greeted head-on with an aura of starring the world. [They] asked the unit successful the bookstore, who said it is simply a premier determination that the [Chinese] embassy paid to occupy. It’s genuinely worthy of [the rubric of a] large nation,” reads the mentation successful Chinese.

The Epoch Times notes that successful caller years, the Chinese word “great federation (强国),” erstwhile referring to communist China, has been utilized successful an ironic mode owed to the CCP’s ubiquitous propaganda, including utilizing a “Study the Great Nation” app which is promoted by the CCP to indoctrinate young Chinese into Xi Jingping thought.

Studying a CCP leaders thought and writings has go a normal successful China nether the CCP rule, wherever leaders similar Mao Zedong and Deng Xioaping person some had determination ain schools of thought enshrined into the CCP’s “guiding principles” for citizens who are driven to survey them daily. Xi Jinping Thought was archetypal added to the guiding doctrines successful 2017.

Additionally, while The Epoch Times besides notes that galore lone usage the word “great” erstwhile it comes to the CCP crack down connected its citizens.

Bookstore Denies Chinese Paid for the Prominent Placement

A supervisor of the Relay bookstore astatine Wellington airport, who declined to springiness his name, confirmed that the bookstore is selling Xi’s books successful a salient position.

“There is simply a modular acceptable up for the books, specifically for those books, I believe,” helium told The Epoch Times successful a telephone connected Jan. 23.

However, the supervisor said helium highly doubted the accusation that the Chinese embassy paid for the salient place.

“Because it seems antithetic for a overseas authorities to beryllium capable to beryllium progressive in, erstwhile I conscionable tally a retail business, wherever we placed the books,” helium said. “It seems improbable to me.”

He gave his ain conjectures of wherefore the communist leader’s books are being placed successful that conspicuous position.

“In presumption of the placement arsenic to wherefore it’s adjacent the apical 50, I deliberation it’s conscionable due to the fact that it has been a dilatory seller for america for rather a agelong time, truthful we’ve conscionable got immoderate titles that are leftover that we’re trying to get escaped of.”

The Volume Four of Xi’s books and the preceding ones, which were published successful 2014, 2017, 2020, and 2022, respectively, and person been successful the bookstore for a portion and person not been a fashionable according to the supervisor.

“The publication is decidedly a fewer years old,” helium said. “I retrieve seeing it connected the support for a while.”

He added that the boohadave not been enactment connected the forefront support for a agelong time.

“It’s comparatively recent. It hasn’t beenemphasized excessively long… astir apt a mates of weeks.”

The supervisor repeatedly emphasized that helium was not wide astir wherefore the determination was made.

“You person to talk to a manager oregon idiosyncratic supra that,” helium said.

The Epoch Times reached retired to the tract manager and was notified that the enquiry had been passed to the company’s communications manager.

The Epoch Times reached retired to the Chinese embassy successful Wellington but has not received a reply astatine the clip of publication.

CCP Active In New Zealand’s Chinese Community

The incidental comes aft it was revealed that Beijing’s overseas constabulary presumption successful New Zealand is linked to a Chinese businessman who is progressive successful the country’s governmental circles and connected to the CCP’s United Front department.

Epoch Times Photo Chinese businessman Zhou Jiexiang was pictured with erstwhile New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. (Wenhua Weekly)

The “overspublicized work station,” among 102 CCP-operated amerciable constabulary outputs successful 53 countries that person been precocious publicised by the Spainish quality rights NGO Safeguard Defenders, tin beryllium utilized by the communist authorities to show overseas Chinese community, arsenic good arsenic “harass, threaten, intimidate, and force targets to instrumentality to China for persecution. 

According to New Zealand’s Companies Register records, the tract successful Auckland is tied to Zhou Jiexiang, the proprietor of a concern located astatine the address. The determination besides remains the registered code of Golden Key Development (NZ) Limited, a company co-shared by Zhou and Nantong Jinshi, a Chinese business.

New Zealand has been accused of being the “soft underbelly” of the Five Eyes network, with critics panning the erstwhile Ardern authorities for avoiding offending Beijing to support its commercialized relationship.

Epoch Times Photo Chinese person Xi Jinping and New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern shingle hands earlier the gathering astatine the Great Hall of the People successful Beijing, China, connected April 1, 2019. (Kenzaburo Fukuhara/Pool/Getty Images)

“New Zealand volition find that their argumentation model collides with their values and interests, adjacent if its intent is to support New Zealand’s China trade,” Michael Shoebridge, the Director of Strategic Analysis Australia, previously told The Epoch Times.

“Quietly assuring Five Eyes partners everything is fine, portion besides assuring Beijing of the aforesaid thing, is not sustainable unless China radically changes absorption nether Chinese person Xi.”