West Hollywood City Council Votes to Hike Minimum Wage to $17.64 an Hour Starting Next Year

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The West Hollywood City Council on Wednesday unanimously voted to approve a draught order to increase the city’s minimum wage to $17.64 an hour, beginning adjacent year.

The complaint volition archetypal instrumentality effect Jan. 1 for hospitality workers and volition “create a phased attack for minimum wage increases for ample businesses and tiny businesses with adjustments each six months to make consistency successful the minimum wage citywide by July 1, 2023,” the metropolis assembly said successful a statement.

It volition past beryllium extended to all metropolis workers connected July 1, 2023, who volition see incremental raises successful their paychecks each six months until their hourly wage reaches the caller minimum successful July 2023.

This minimum wage complaint volition beryllium $17.64 per hour, positive two Consumer Price Index (CPI-W) adjustments: 1 connected July 1, 2022, and 1 connected July 1, 2023, though precisely what the adjustments volition beryllium successful some of those years is not yet known arsenic the Consumer Price Index has not yet been determined for these dates.

However, it is apt that the citywide minimum wage complaint connected July 1, 2023, volition beryllium much than $18.00 per hour, the assembly said, noting that the wage complaint volition summation annually thereafter based connected the annual CPI-W adjustment.

California’s existent minimum wage is $13 an hour if an leader has 25 workers oregon less. The minimum wage is $14 an hr for employees of companies with 26 oregon much employees, arsenic per the California Department of Industrial Relations. The wages for some of those groups volition summation by $1 astatine the commencement of 2022.

However, the mean hourly complaint that an idiosyncratic surviving without children needs successful Los Angeles, California, to support his oregon herself is $19.35 an hour, according to a surviving wage calculator developed by Dr. Amy Glasmeir astatine the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For an big with a child, that complaint increases to $42.41 an hr portion for 2 adults with 1 child, it sits at $39.06.

“As we retrieve from the pandemic, it is important to guarantee betterment includes everyone. There is undeniable income inequality successful this federation and wages person remained stagnant compared to the increasing outgo of living,” said Mayor Pro Tempore Sepi Shyne successful Wednesday’s statement.

“This has caused workers to stay successful poorness nary substance however hard they work. I americium arrogant of our unanimous determination past nighttime to rise the minimum wage for workers to 1 of the highest levels successful the state and see sick permission and idiosyncratic clip disconnected provisions for all. West Hollywood has present proclaimed that we privation our workers to beryllium arsenic palmy arsenic our businesses. We took into relationship the needs of moving radical arsenic good arsenic the requests from businesses to signifier successful the higher wage. West Hollywood has ever been a originative person connected galore fronts and present we are a person successful creating equity for workers and helping to adjacent the spread successful income inequality.”

California’s wage summation comes conscionable said aft the ADP Research Institute Workforce Vitality Report, released Oct. 27, showed that third-quarter wages successful the United States accrued 3.3 percent, successful enactment with maturation successful the months earlier the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, occupation switchers’ wage is up 6.6 percent since September 2020, arsenic employers question to pull caller workers with competitive compensation.

The astir important wage maturation was seen successful employees 24 years aged oregon little and workers implicit the property of 55, which ADP notes could beryllium owed successful portion to those property groups rejoining the workforce post-pandemic.

Multiple companies, peculiarly those successful the eating and hospitality sector, arsenic good arsenic small-business owners, are expanding wage for employees successful an effort to counteract shortages and pull workers amid hiring difficulties due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, determination is increasing fearfulness among economists that the crisp emergence successful wages on with a declining employment rate could lend to accrued levels of inflation, adding other unit connected cardinal bankers trying to steer their countries retired of economical turmoil.

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