West of England metro mayor urges mask-wearing after rise in Covid cases

11 months ago 141

The West of England’s metro politician is urging radical to commencement wearing masks again successful nationalist places aft a crisp emergence successful Covid cases crossed the south-west.

Dan Norris is sending a poster urging radical to deterioration masks to thousands of public-facing businesses. He volition besides instrumentality retired pro-mask adverts successful section papers and has written to Sajid Javid, the wellness secretary, asking for other backing for the westbound of England.

The south-west of England has seen a immense emergence successful cases, with immoderate of the blasted being laid connected errors astatine a laboratory successful Wolverhampton which told galore radical who had the microorganism that they were Covid-free.

“Through nary responsibility of the NHS, section civic leadership, section businesses, oregon section people, infections continued to dispersed unchecked wrong our region,” helium said. “Now we look a hugely hard situation.”

Norris warned that the NHS is facing a looming situation which could bring it “to its knees”.

“There is simply a looming crisis,” helium said. “The past happening I privation to spot is much decease and heartbreak, with patients queueing connected trolleys arsenic our precious NHS is brought to its knees.”

Instead, helium asked the nationalist to springiness the NHS the champion imaginable contiguous this Christmas by wearing a mask, getting vaccinated and washing their hands.

It comes arsenic cases person soared successful south-west England, with Bath and North East Somerset seeing 1,079.7 cases per 100,000 people, according to the latest authorities information up to 19 October.

This compares with the England-wide mean of 482 per 100,000.

Meanwhile, southbound Gloucestershire has 931.5 cases per 100,000 and Bristol has 763.7 per 100,000.