West Side Bike Path Would Get New Bike Lane Under Proposal

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The Hudson River Greenway, which immoderate judge to beryllium the astir heavy utilized motorcycle way successful the United States, whitethorn get an further motorcycle lane nether a connection by Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine.

Levine envisions replacing 1 car postulation lane connected 12th Avenue with a two-lane bikeway. The borough president announced the connection astatine a press conference connected Aug. 2.

The Hudson River Greenway already includes 1 two-way motorcycle lane which runs from Dyckman Street successful Uptown Manhattan to Battery Park Downtown. According to NYC Bike Maps, the greenway is the astir heavy utilized bikeway successful the United States.

Levine called on the authorities Department of Transportation (DOT) to o.k. the project.

The projected lane would tally from West 57th thoroughfare to Chambers street, a astir four-mile agelong on the higway 9A. It would beryllium located connected the opposited broadside of the thoroughfare from the existing motorcycle path.

Levine said overgarment and barriers could beryllium enactment up rapidly and would beryllium comparatively inexpensive arsenic the archetypal step. He would not supply a outgo estimate.

Epoch Times Photo New York City Council Member from District 1 Chris Marte cycles the existent motorcycle lane 3 oregon 4 times a week. He says that an further lane is ‘an casual thought that could beryllium implemented’ to resoluteness complaints helium hears from locals. (David Wagner/The Epoch Times)

Levine said that connected evenings and weekends, erstwhile the upwind is nice, the motorcycle lane is overcrowded, causing information issues.

The lane to beryllium converted nether the program is presently utilized for utilized for car parking.

City Council Member Erik Botcher said the Hudson River Greenway is simply a “victim of its ain success.” He said helium gets tons of calls from radical complaining astir having a hard clip crossing streets due to the fact that of the dense usage of the motorcycle lane.

Jon Orcutt, manager astatine Bike New York, said, “bike usage successful the metropolis has been going up steadily successful the past 20 years, but since 2020 the summation has been huge—unparalleled. We are seeing problems successful the bikeways crossed the city.”

Epoch Times Photo Hudson River Greenway motorcycle way conscionable northbound of Chambers thoroughfare astatine astir 10 a.m. connected August 3, 2022. (David Wagner/The Epoch Times)

New Yorkers Weigh In

Hollie, a middle-aged pistillate from Harlem, uses the Hudson River Greenway to instrumentality her girl to time camp. She past heads to enactment by the Brooklyn Bridge.

She heard astir the plans to adhd different bikeway and said, “It’s needed for sure, but I deliberation it should spell further up. They ever hide Harlem erstwhile it comes to motorcycle paths.”

A young antheral named Moehhmed said different motorcycle way would beryllium a bully thought due to the fact that mothers and their children locomotion around, and the way gets precise engaged from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Thirty-seven-year-old Forlian said helium usually rides connected different motorcycle paths but was precise supportive of the instauration of different motorcycle lane.

“Bike lanes are indispensable for radical successful the metropolis that can’t spend cars, cannot wage for their Metro cards, and it’s steadfast for you,” helium said.

Jose Velez, an elevator constructor, was sitting successful his institution conveyance parked connected Chambers street. When asked if helium knew astir the program for different motorcycle lane, Velez said, “That’s existent smart! What different anserine happening could you do?”

Velez said that the motorcycle lane successful the Bronx ruined University Avenue. He said determination is nary spot to park, and you person to hold each time for parking connected the alternate street.

“I deliberation whoever is making these policies should spell and look astir the neighbourhood and not conscionable look astatine it connected a representation and possibly they past get to spot what’s truly going connected successful New York City,” said Velez.

Miranda Reeves, a 43-year-old trainer, uses the Hudson River Greenway 5 to six days a week to get to her clients.

“I americium supportive of it due to the fact that it benefits me, but I don’t deliberation it’s realistic,” Reeves said erstwhile asked if she supported the further lane. “In immoderate ways, it tin origin much disorder and could perchance beryllium much dangerous.”

Seventy-five-year-old Henry said helium uses the Hudson River Greenway arsenic often arsenic imaginable for exercise.

“It’s a fantastic thing. I spent galore years successful occidental New York and the motorcycle lanes they person retired determination are besides amazing.”

“That’s a superb idea!” Henry astir the further motorcycle lane proposal. “That’s truly going to assistance the postulation for radical who commute.”

David Wagner