West Virginia Governor Says He Would ‘Welcome’ Maryland Counties Seeking to Join the State

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West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a Republican, and authorities lawmakers announced Friday their enactment of 3 Maryland counties that privation to go portion of West Virginia.

The announcement was made during a Friday press conference led by Justice alongside state Senate President Craig Blair, House Speaker Roger Hanshaw, and Delegate Gary Howell.

“We’ve got it going connected close present successful West Virginia. We are knocking it retired of the park. Why wouldn’t you privation to come?” Justice said during the property conference.

“We privation everyone to cognize that we are lasting present with unfastened arms. We invited these counties and would beryllium tickled to decease to person them and the large folks of that unthinkable state,” helium added.

Justice emphasized blimpish values supported by West Virginia leaders that person attracted the attraction of Republican lawmakers and voters successful the 3 occidental Maryland counties of Garrett, Allegany, and Washington.

The 3 counties see a colonisation of much than 251,000 radical according to accusation from the property conference.

“Our authorities supports idiosyncratic freedoms, we worth the Second Amendment, and we emotion the rights of the unborn. We emotion and clasp our vigor industry,” Justice said.

“Moving to West Virginia means occupation opportunities similar brainsick and a accidental to unrecorded successful paradise. No substance wherever you’re from, we’d emotion to person you successful West Virginia,” helium added.

The politician noted during the property league helium plans to telephone a peculiar league of authorities legislators to sermon a solution to marque the state’s connection official.

“People are moving to West Virginia, businesses are moving to West Virginia, present we’ve got counties from different states wanting to determination to West Virginia,” Blair said.

“Because of the hard enactment that we’ve done implicit the past fewer years to marque West Virginia a amended place, we’ve been increasing and regrowing successful our state,” helium added.

“We surely would beryllium much than accommodating and blessed to unfastened our borders and unfastened our arms and our authorities to our friends elsewhere astir the borders of our authorities who whitethorn privation to spot themselves aligned with West Virginia alternatively of wherever they find themselves today,” Hanshaw said during the property conference.

The program for the 3 Maryland counties to articulation neighboring West Virginia is not the archetypal clip different state’s residents person sought to articulation the state. In 2020, immoderate counties successful neighboring Virginia projected joining their occidental neighbor.

The movement, termed “Vexit,” drew overmuch absorption from Virginia voters. The connection soon dropped successful popularity arsenic the federation shifted absorption to the coronavirus pandemic successful 2020.

Christopher Burroughs


Christopher Burroughs reports connected breaking quality for The Epoch Times.