Whamageddon: is this the world’s most difficult Christmas game?

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Name: Whamageddon.

Age: Eleven years old.

Appearance: As precocious arsenic possible.

Is it an event? It’s a game. A festive game.

Like charades? No, it’s much of a play-along-remotely game.

Like charades connected Zoom? Because I americium ne'er doing that again. It’s a crippled you play with Wham’s 1984 deed Last Christmas.

Do I sing on to it? You could, but that would beryllium wildly counterproductive.

Do I conscionable perceive to it? You bash the other – you effort not to perceive to it.

That volition beryllium hard astatine this clip of year! That’s the idea: from 1 December until 24 December, players effort to debar proceeding this astir unavoidable of Christmas songs to spot who tin negociate the longest. If you perceive it and recognise it, you’re out.

Then what? You denote your status from the crippled by posting connected societal media with the hashtag #Whamaggeddon. Better luck adjacent year.

That’s it? Barring a fewer technicalities, yes: screen versions of Last Christmas don’t count, and trying to unit different players retired by sending them links to the opus is considered atrocious form. The afloat rules tin beryllium recovered astatine whamageddon.com.

What connected world is the constituent of this? There is nary existent point, though immoderate radical person utilized the crippled to fundraise for foundation successful the past.

It sounds arsenic if your lone accidental of winning is by not leaving the location each month. Good thought – possibly the authorities could usage Whamageddon arsenic portion of its Covid strategy.

Seriously, though, nary 1 volition beryllium capable to shop, oregon spell to the pub. This volition destruct the economy! Some pubs person thought of that. In 2018, the Fullers pub concatenation banned the song from each its premises to springiness players immoderate sanctuary.

2018? How agelong has this crippled been going connected without me? It started connected the online forum GTPlanet successful 2010, but it wasn’t known arsenic Whamageddon until a dedicated Facebook leafage appeared successful 2016.

With my luck, I’ll suffer consecutive away and person thing to debar each Christmas play but my relatives. There are inactive alternate versions you tin get successful on. Some gamers debar the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York, for others, it’s Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You.

Do say: “Last Christmas, I gave it my all, but the precise adjacent time I got into a minicab with Heart FM playing.”