What Can California Learn from Arizona?

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Driving from Orange County to Phoenix was bumper-to-bumper postulation of cars, SUVs and semi trucks. It was the worst I’d seen successful 34 years of making the drive. I quipped to a person successful a text, “Everybody is moving to AZ, TX, FL.”

It utilized to beryllium said, “Everything starts successful California.” Now it’s chiefly harmful policies radical are fleeing: The country’s highest taxes and homelessness rates. Crazed authorities and regulation. An cognition of expecting the citizens volition enactment up with an endless bid of abuses to unrecorded successful large weather.

But what if we truly privation to hole California? I would suggest: Emulate Arizona. Formerly small much than a desert, past a location for Rust Belt retirees avoiding wintertime blizzards, the Grand Canyon State has developed into a large economical force.

In my erstwhile article from Phoenix, I mentioned gathering a crane relation successful my edifice moving 85-hour weeks. I conscionable met 2 much workers, this clip with orangish institution t-shirts emblazoned with: W&W Steel Erectors. One was a achromatic pistillate astir 35, the different a Latino antheral astir 40. I asked wherever they were from and what they were building. They said New York and the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing plant. The task volition instrumentality up to 10 years.

I besides mentioned TSM successful my erstwhile article, and that the operation outgo volition beryllium $12 billion. This is the benignant of works we utilized to person successful California. Apple’s aboriginal Apple II and Macintosh computers were made successful Silicon Valley plants earlier moving manufacturing to the People’s Republic of China.

Although the workers were from New York, according to Dunn & Bradstreet, “W&W Steel Erectors, LLC is located successful Oklahoma City, OK, United States and is portion of the Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing Industry. … There are 160 companies successful the W&W Steel Erectors, LLC firm family.”

What tin California bash to statesman attracting specified jobs again?

First, let’s statesman with taxes. As I noted successful my erstwhile article, Gov. Doug Ducey conscionable signed a measure instituting a 2.5 percent level tax. For California, economist Arthur Laffer has repeatedly projected a level taxation of astir 5.5 percent. That would beryllium down from the apical existent complaint of 13.3 percent, the highest of immoderate state. It would rise the aforesaid magnitude of revenue.

Whenever this connection comes up, Democrats scream, “But the affluent should wage their just share!” But the affluent don’t wage immoderate income taxation stock astatine each if they determination to a low-tax state. They besides don’t wage spot taxes, income taxes, and concern taxes successful California. And they don’t put successful businesses successful California that employment middle-class workers specified arsenic those I met successful Arizona.

Second, chopped the “silliness.” That’s the connection utilized by Patrick Ptak, elder vice president of enforcement initiatives astatine the Arizona Commerce Authority, astir the nonsense that goes connected successful California. (For reference, cheque astir immoderate of my erstwhile Epoch Times articles connected specified issues arsenic California’s weapon power laws that disarm honorable citizens, Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination, and excessive COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccine mandates.)

To instrumentality conscionable 1 example, Arizona has nary request for a certificate to transportation a concealed weapon for anyone implicit 21 who’s not a felon. By contrast, California has analyzable rules babelike connected the whims of section sheriffs.

Ptak quoted Gov. Doug Ducey, who said, “We are a authorities that inactive believes successful communal sense.”

Ptak besides said adjacent the state’s Democrats are pro-growth. A bully illustration is Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. Along with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia), she’s holding up President Biden’s Build Back Better strategy that would discarded different $3.5 trillion due to the fact that it costs mode excessively overmuch and would rise taxes.

Housing is different irony betwixt California and Arizona. California’s Democrats powerfully favour unfastened borders and maximum immigration—but won’t let capable lodging to beryllium built to location each those caller Americans. By contrast, Arizona’s ruling Republicans are for beardown borderline control, but favour gathering capable lodging for anyone who comes there. If you come, they volition physique it.

California should larn (or re-learn) that colonisation is going to support going up, truthful lodging indispensable beryllium built. Even the flimsy colonisation diminution successful California the past mates of years won’t past long. Jerry Brown’s Era of Limits from the 1970s was much fictional than the satellite Tatooine from the 1977 movie “Star Wars.”

Ptak besides mentioned however Arizona tries to beryllium accordant successful its concern policies. “We won’t propulsion the rug retired from nether you,” helium said. That contrasts with the galore irrational laws California passes each year, arsenic I elaborate successful my Epoch Times bid of 4 articles connected immoderate of the laws passed conscionable this past year.

I’ve been successful the backstage assemblage astir of my life, and 1 happening businesses request much than immoderate different is consistency of authorities policy. That’s the lone mode companies tin program for the future.

A last proposition from Arizona is to beforehand schoolhouse choice. For starters, California needs to halt pursuing the pb of the California Teachers Association successful attacking charter schools. Charters are a cardinal constituent to improving acquisition for each students. Most recently, the Legislature passed and Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 101, which mandates CRT indoctrination successful each California schools, including charters. But charters beryllium to debar specified bureaucratic, time-wasting nonsense.

In Arizona, by contrast, “parents are empowered here,” Ptak said. To assistance number students, alternatively of CRT, Arizona is improving prime for parents and students. “Micro schools popped up during the pandemic successful little income areas.”

The authorities besides has Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, which helps students who are disabled, oregon from subject and Native American families, spell to backstage schools, arsenic good arsenic get tutoring. Anyone tin donate to specified accounts to earmark assistance for circumstantial students.

America’s 50 states are called the “crucibles of democracy.” New ideas tin beryllium tried retired successful 1 oregon a fewer states, then, if they work, dispersed to different states. In caller years, California has dropped the innovation ball. It tin prime it up from different states, opening with the large ideas bouncing up successful Arizona.

Addendum: After checking retired the developments successful Arizona, I drove backmost to Orange County connected the I-10. Traffic turned retired conscionable arsenic heavy going westbound arsenic erstwhile I near to spell east. Maybe a batch of radical are inactive going backmost to California. I was blessed to beryllium backmost location and respire the fresh, Pacific Ocean air. I conjecture I’ll stay. For now.

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John Seiler


John Seiler is simply a seasoned California sentiment writer. He has written editorials for The Orange County Register for astir 30 years. He is simply a U.S. Army seasoned and erstwhile property caput to California State Sen. John Moorlach. He blogs astatine [email protected]