What Kinds of Candy You Can Freeze (and What Kinds You Shouldn’t)

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Candy lasts a agelong time, as we explained earlier this week—chocolate, caramel, and hard candy volition each past 9 months oregon much astatine country somesthesia if decently packaged. But what if immoderate of the bars successful your haul are already creeping adjacent to their expiration dates, oregon you person caller candy but privation to support it astir until adjacent year? Good news: you tin astir apt frost it, depending connected what kind.

If your candy is connected the okay-to-freeze list, marque definite to acceptable yourself up for a bully acquisition erstwhile it’s yet clip to unearth your frozen treasures. Candies should beryllium wrapped tightly, either successful their archetypal wrappers oregon successful bags oregon wraps with arsenic overmuch aerial removed arsenic possible. If you tin vacuum-seal the candy, that’s ideal.

Here are the types of candy you tin freeze

Chocolate lasts conscionable arsenic agelong astatine country somesthesia arsenic it does successful the freezer, which whitethorn marque freezing look unnecessary, but that depends connected wherever you are. If you unrecorded successful a spot wherever the wrong of your location tin deed chocolate-melting temperatures during the summer—only astir 85 degrees Fahrenheit—chocolate volition beryllium safer successful the fridge oregon freezer than successful your pantry. Dark cocoa lasts 1 to 2 years; beverage cocoa and achromatic cocoa past 8 to 10 months.

Hard candy and gummies are similar: Keep them successful a cool, adust spot and they volition past astir a year. That could beryllium thing from a chill room-temperature cupboard to a freezer, truthful frost them if you privation to beryllium definite they tin past the year.

The University of Missouri Extension warns that your candy whitethorn alteration its quality portion successful the freezer. The abdominous successful cocoa tin “bloom,” causing a dusty quality that should vanish erstwhile the cocoa is thawed. Brittles and chocolate-covered nuts whitethorn make cracks portion successful the freezer, but these should besides vanish with thawing.

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Many homemade candies tin beryllium frozen, too, says the extension, including “fudge, divinity, brittle, taffy, creams and caramels.” Wrap them tightly, ideally successful idiosyncratic servings.

Here are the types of candy you shouldn’t freeze

Chocolate-covered cherries aren’t suitable for freezing, according to the University of Missouri Extension, due to the fact that the filling expands erstwhile it freezes.

The National Confectioners Association advises against freezing candies that incorporate effect oregon nuts, but it doesn’t get circumstantial astir which ones are successful this category. I’m definite we’ve each had a frozen Snickers barroom that came retired large (and if you haven’t, delight effort this!) but proceed with caution if you’re freezing thing with effect oregon nuts for the archetypal time.

Here are types of candy you tin freeze, but lone for a small while

The National Confectioners Association says that truffles and toffees should lone beryllium frozen for 2 months. Toffee lone lasts a fewer weeks successful the fridge, astatine slightest if it’s the fresh, homemade kind, truthful this extends its lifespan by a bully bit.

Advice connected homemade truffles seems to vary, with immoderate sources saying to devour frozen cocoa truffles within 3 months, portion I recovered others saying you should beryllium good up to 12-18 months.

If you person a peculiar look you’d similar to effort freezing for the agelong word (for example, truthful that you tin marque vacation candies early), spot whether your look comes with retention instructions, oregon marque a trial batch aboriginal and spot however good it lasts. The nonstop properties volition astir apt beryllium connected the ingredients you use, which whitethorn beryllium wherefore it’s not casual to find a steadfast answer. When it comes to commercially-packaged candy, thing that tin past a portion astatine country somesthesia is probably bully for astatine slightest that agelong successful the freezer.

What happens if you frost candy for excessively long? Fortunately, it’s not a nutrient information issue. Old candy isn’t going to marque you sick. But it mightiness beryllium freezer-burned oregon the texture whitethorn beryllium antithetic from erstwhile it was fresh.