What links seafood soup and real tennis? The Saturday quiz

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The questions

1 How to Cheat astatine Cooking was whose archetypal book?
2 Which wetland lies betwixt the Liffey and the Shannon rivers?
3 What did Charles Miller present to Brazil?
4 Whose Le Violon d’Ingres is the astir costly photograph sold astatine auction?
5 Warre, Langstroth and top-bar are designs of what carnal home?
6 Who tweets arsenic @SecondGentleman?
7 Which vigor elephantine has its origins arsenic the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company?
8 What virtuousness is the corporate noun for vicars?
What links:
Real tennis handicapping system; unglazed pottery; seafood soup?
10 Northern Transjordan; Marilynne Robinson Pulitzer winner; Margaret Atwood dystopia?
11 Adele; Jessie J; Kae Tempest; FKA twigs; Amy Winehouse?
12 Am; Fr and Ga; Ge; Nh; Po?
13 Lonrho founder; Loco-Motion singer; driven by Penelope Pitstop; variola?
14 Bona; omi-palone; naff; nante; vada; zhuzh?
15 László Tábori (’55, twelvemonth after); Jürg Marmet (’56, 3 years after); Pete Conrad (’69, aforesaid year)?

Head changeable  of British vocalist  Amy Winehouse, Feb 2007
Know each astir Amy Winehouse? Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP/PA Photos

The answers

1 Delia Smith (1971).
2 Bog of Allen.
3 Football.
4 Man Ray ($12.4m).
5 Beehive.
6 Douglas Emhoff (husband of Kamala Harris).
7 BP.
8 Prudence.
9 Bisque.
10 Gilead.
11 Attended the Brit School.
12 Chemical elements named aft countries: americium; francium and gallium (France); germanium (Germany); nihonium (Japan); polonium (Poland).
13 Diminutive names: Tiny (Rowland); Little (Eva); Compact (Pussycat); smallpox.
14 Terms utilized successful Polari slang.
15 The 3rd idiosyncratic to: tally sub four-minute-mile; acme Everest; locomotion connected the moon.