What Non-Horror Movies Traumatized You As a Child?

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Stupid horse!!! :::sobs:::Screenshot: The NeverEnding Story/Warner Bros.

If you predominant movie theaters (or utilized to, sigh), you’ve nary uncertainty encountered them: T

he irresponsible parents who decided to instrumentality their far-too-young kids to a decidedly grownup movie alternatively of paying for a babysitter.

My favourite illustration of this see the clip I sat adjacent to a brace of 5-year-olds during their opening nighttime viewing of The Cell (a 2000 serial slayer thriller successful which Vince Vaughan has hooks

surgically implanted

into his ain backmost truthful helium tin masturbate portion dangling implicit the bodies of his victims). Hopefully they yet got implicit it.

I tin smugly accidental this is ne'er OK—and

is wherefore I person seen lone a fistful of movies successful theaters each twelvemonth successful the decennary since I became a parent

—while astatine the aforesaid clip recognizing that you ne'er cognize what’

s really

going to traumatize a kid. For example, the clip we had to unopen disconnected Jim Henson’s Labyrinth—ostensibly a movie for children—n

ot due to the fact that the goblins were freaking my kid out, nor due to the fact that of the comic feelings elicited by David Bowie’s choky pants, but due to the fact that Jennifer Connelly’s quality wouldn’t prime up her crying babe brother. Kids are weird, is my point.

As a kid of the ‘80s—a very antithetic epoch successful parenting—I saw a batch of movies astatine way excessively young an property (for example, I saw RoboCop 2, successful which a foul-mouthed kid draped successful prostitutes runs a cause empire and is aboriginal brutally gunned down by a robot, successful the theatre with my ma and dad). But evidently I shouldn’t person been watching those movies.

What’s much absorbing to maine are the scenes that person stuck with me—in a traumatic wounded way—despite the information that the movies they are a portion of were either intended for children, oregon look different benign. The main offender, for maine and, I’m sure, galore others, is the noble steed Artax’s dilatory surrender to the Swamps of Sadness successful 1985's The NeverEnding Story. The infinitesimal is inactive almighty arsenic an adult. As a kid, it wrecked me.

So I’m asking you: What movies oregon TV shows traumatized you arsenic a child? Gave you nightmares, kept you awake, served arsenic the lynchpin to an enlightening therapy league respective decades later? Share successful the comments, and I’ll cod the astir upsetting replies successful a followup station aboriginal this week.