What the Jets have to fear about the next phase of the Patriots rivalry

1 year ago 211

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The Jets shouldn’t beryllium capable to inflict important symptom upon their fans this season. Following the second-worst play (2-14) successful franchise history, the rebuilding roster has nary anticipation to crush. This squad was ne'er going to contend for a playoff spot, fto unsocial flirt with .500. And that’s OK. There is simply a plan. There is youth. There is restitution successful tiny victories — touchdowns, deflected passes, archetypal downs — hints of improvement, reasons for optimism. There is nary spot for despair erstwhile the instauration is being built for the future.

But determination tin beryllium fear.

Tom Brady is gone. Bill Belichick is 69. The Patriots are disconnected to their worst commencement (2-4) since Belichick’s archetypal play with the squad 21 years ago. Yet, the Patriots are positioned to perchance nonstop respective much years of torture upon their part rival. The Jets haven’t beaten the Patriots since 2015. The Jets haven’t won successful New England since its playoff upset connected Jan. 16, 2011, besides the Jets’ astir caller postseason trip.