What to Bring (and What to Leave at Home) When You're Using a 'Fully Stocked' Kitchen

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I don’t attraction what the advertisement says, the room astatine your rental spot volition not beryllium “fully stocked.” I’m a question minimalist whose happiest vacations required lone a brace of shorts and immoderate flip-flops, but even I bring a fewer things to rental places if I’m going to bash immoderate cooking astatine all. What follows are my recommendations for the implicit drop-dead minimum cogwheel you’ll request astatine the small cottage you rented for the holidays this year, arsenic good arsenic what you tin astir apt permission astatine home.

Four room items you perfectly indispensable bring to an Airbnb

A azygous crisp knife

I’m not definite if it’s portion of Airbnb’s terms-of-service, but each abrogation rental unit, from the highest priced to lowest, contains precisely 3 knives. Two person breached handles, and each of them dull arsenic hell. So you must bring your ain crisp weapon wherever you go. But you lone request one. You really lone request 1 decent chef’s weapon astatine home. Pairing knife? Please. Just enactment connected your knife-skills. Make definite you battalion it safely: Tape immoderate cardboard astir the blade.

A bully frying pan

There’s thing worse than trying to fry thing with a the scratched-up non-stick monstrosities that travel modular successful each rental properties. It isn’t going to vigor up evenly, and volition shed tiny flakes of Teflon into your greeting eggs. So you person to bring your ain frying cookware connected vacation. But again: You lone request to bring one. I similar stainless steel, but immoderate radical similar formed iron. (The fools!)

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Olive oil

Rental portion kitchens are often afloat of half-full olive lipid bottles from erstwhile short-term tenants, but bring your ain anyway. You don’t person immoderate thought however agelong that olive lipid has been sitting there, and galore disgusting radical navigator with inexpensive ass olive lipid I wouldn’t usage to lube an engine. (Bonus tip: Don’t usage olive lipid connected your car’s motor astatine all!)

Salt and pepper

People often permission spices down connected their vacations, truthful brackish and capsicum mightiness beryllium stashed somewhere successful the kitchen, but still, since you fundamentally can’t navigator thing without these 2 culinary staples, you should battalion immoderate up conscionable successful case.

A bajillion to permission behind

A corkscrew

Most rental properties I’ve stayed astatine person corkscrews, sometimes galore of them, near down by erstwhile tenants, but if they don’t, opening a vessel of vino without a corkscrew is not the astir hard happening successful the world, arsenic you tin spot in this past Lifehacker video. Really you conscionable request to propulsion the cork successful with something. Plus: Remember what happened the past clip you had to improvise to unfastened a vessel of vino connected vacation? When Gary spilled it each implicit his shoes trying to bash that smash-it-into-the-wall-in-a-boot thing? Hilarious abrogation highlight!

Spices (other than brackish and pepper)

People often permission spices down connected their vacations, truthful I similar the situation and innovative reasoning it takes to make a repast with them. Make chickenhearted breading with reddish capsicum flakes, cumin, Szechuan peppercorns, and Sugar Corn Pops? Why not? I’m connected vacation!

A java maker

Most places person a java maker, but if they don’t, brewing a cupful without a Keurig oregon immoderate is really easy. You’re conscionable pouring boiling h2o done immoderate crushed up beans, not reinventing the wheel. So conscionable boil immoderate h2o successful a pot, propulsion successful immoderate coffee, and determination it successful a cupful without the grounds getting successful there. Civilization has made america weak.

Everything other Bon Appetit recommends

Speaking of civilization, this Bon Appetit database of “essentials” to bring to a abrogation rental is akin to galore internet-bring-this-lists: Wildly overinflated. It includes a micro-planar, 2 antithetic kinds of frying pans, 2 rimmed baking sheets, a integer thermometer, and a blender, arsenic good arsenic a large integrative retention bin to transport it all. I get that they’re much civilized than I americium implicit astatine their fancy cooking magazine, but a blender? As an indispensable item? Why not conscionable enactment home?

Bon Appetit’s database of essentials besides suggests you “create a shared Google doc and get pairs to motion up for meal and cleanup duty.” They astir apt weren’t going to inquire me, but I’m not going connected abrogation with Bon Appetit. It truly wouldn’t enactment out.