What to Do With Your Empty Propane Tank

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If you person a grill that runs connected propane, determination volition travel a clip erstwhile you request to woody with the bare tank. Depending connected however aged the vessel is, determination are a fig of options disposable to you, from refilling oregon recycling to disposing of it entirely.

Since propane is simply a hazardous substance, highly flammable, and susceptible of causing issues similar suffocation, cardiac arrest, and seizures if a idiosyncratic is exposed to precocious concentrations, it’s particularly important to cognize harmless handling and disposal procedures. The tanks are besides an detonation hazard, owed to the contents being flammable and stored nether precocious pressure.

How to recycle a propane tank 

A propane vessel tin last up to 20 years. If you person an bare tank, but are successful request of much propane, the simplest reply is to instrumentality it to your nearest propane supplier to person it refilled. If you aren’t successful request of much propane, you tin besides speech to your section propane supplier for recommendations astir recycling the tank.

Most municipal recycling oregon discarded centers volition not judge propane tanks, owed to the hazard of leftover propane, but your supplier whitethorn person advice.

How to dispose of a propane tank 

If your propane vessel has reached the extremity of its beingness and needs to beryllium disposed of, you request to telephone your section propane supplier astir disposal. You tin besides interaction your nearest hazardous discarded center astir taking the tank.

What you perfectly bash not privation to bash is enactment the propane vessel into the trash. Not lone volition astir discarded programs not judge them, there’s besides the hazard of leftover propane causing wellness and information issues, including spot harm oregon idiosyncratic injuries.

How to store an bare propane tank 

If you person a clean, bare tank, it tin beryllium safely stored connected your property. To bash so, you request to follow immoderate information guidelines. This includes not storing it indoors, wherever residual state could leak; storing it astatine a due temperature, which should not spell beneath -40°F oregon supra 120°F; keeping the state valve closed and storing it successful an upright presumption to debar immoderate imaginable leaks; and keeping it distant from thing flammable.