Why the Jets and Giants should be busy at the NFL trade deadline

3 weeks ago 25

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The commercialized deadline hasn’t ever generated the buzz successful the NFL that it does regularly successful different leagues, but the emergence successful involvement successful last-minute deals deed a crescendo connected Monday with the blockbuster commercialized of aboriginal Hall of Famer Von Miller from the Broncos to the all-in Rams.

Tuesday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline surely could diagnostic respective much intriguing deals, some nationally — particularly if troubled Texans backmost Deshaun Watson yet is moved — and locally, wherever the Jets and the Giants person aggregate pending escaped agents who could assistance contending teams.

Let’s commencement there, and wonderment retired large whether Sunday’s triumph implicit the Bengals behind backup backmost Mike White — who won Best Costume for Halloween by dressing up arsenic Joe Willie Namath – astatine each alters the Jets’ attack to the deadline regarding information Marcus Maye oregon seasoned wide receiver Jamison Crowder.