Why this Mike White-Tom Brady comparison doesn’t work

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The knee-jerk absorption successful the aftermath of Mike White’s smashing Jets debut was historians recalling however Tom Brady replaced an injured Drew Bledsoe 1 nighttime successful Foxborough and kept the occupation for 2 decades.

There were others who harkened backmost to Kirk Cousins taking implicit for Robert Griffin III successful Washington aft RG3’s sensational rookie play was upended by reconstructive country connected his close knee.

Forget the comparisons. The circumstances are wholly different.

Use this arsenic your template: Nick Foles relieved an injured Carson Wentz toward the extremity of the 2017 play and won the city’s archetypal and lone Super Bowl, and was backmost connected the seat erstwhile Wentz was backmost steadfast aboriginal successful 2018. Wentz was the No. 2-overall prime successful the 2016 draft. From 2016-20, Doug Pederson was the manager and Howie Roseman was the wide manager.

Root for Mike White portion you can.

Bledsoe was not drafted by Bill Belichick. He had already played 7 seasons erstwhile Mo Lewis knocked him retired of the crippled and retired of a occupation successful Week 2 of the 2001 season. He had been Bill Parcells’ archetypal Patriots draught prime successful 1993, erstwhile helium was the No. 1-overall pick.

Brady was the 199th prime of the 2000 draft. Belichick, who began his dynastic tally that season, drafted him.

Mike White and Tom BradyMike White and Tom BradyAP (2)

RG3 was the No. 2-overall draught prime by Washington, close aft Andrew Luck (Colts) successful the 2012 draft. Griffin was Offensive Rookie of the Year earlier manager Mike Shanahan exposed him to hazard successful the NFC wild-card crippled against the Seahawks.

RG3 was ne'er the same, nary longer the electrical dual menace who appeared destined for greatness. Shanahan was fired pursuing the 2013 season, and erstwhile Cousins became the backmost successful 2015, Jay Gruden was the caput coach.

GM Joe Douglas and manager Robert Saleh were successful lockstep erstwhile they decided to commercialized Sam Darnold to the Panthers and draught Zach Wilson with the No. 2-overall prime this past spring. From that time on, done each the ups and downs that Wilson has endured, Douglas and Saleh person made it dependable arsenic if they volition beryllium attending the kid’s Canton induction.

Those off-platform throws … that obsessive movie junkie … that resilience … that temperament.

They liked Mike White capable to support him arsenic the backup astatine the disbursal of a seasoned (Joe Flacco, for example). Douglas — and erstwhile manager Adam Gase — ne'er gave him the accidental to play, with each eyes and hopes connected Darnold. White was a quality yo-yo, bouncing from the progressive roster to the signifier squad successful 2020.

Then helium showed up against the Bengals arsenic a backmost who wasn’t acrophobic to beryllium boring. White took what the defence gave him. Wilson had been trying to instrumentality what helium wanted, and excessively often could not. White was the speech of the town. Good for him. It gave the Jets’ decisionmakers intermission astir rushing Wilson (knee) backmost and see riding the blistery hand.

When you draught a backmost 2nd overall, you bash not propulsion the plug connected him aft six games. Douglas and Saleh would beryllium laughingstocks if they adjacent considered it. It’s connected Saleh and violative coordinator Mike LaFleur, and now Wilson’s QB guru John Beck, to make Wilson into the backmost they task him to beryllium — a backmost who tin tally the discourtesy the mode that White ran it successful his archetypal NFL commencement and astatine the aforesaid clip unleash the greater upside that helium has with his uncommon limb talent.

“I don’t deliberation there’s a leaf of writer that, a defence has to support each azygous leaf of writer erstwhile they’re going against Zach and his arm,” Douglas said Tuesday.

White was a revelation against the Bengals. A 405-yard revelation.

“It’s astonishing what mightiness amusement up that you ne'er thought was adjacent possible,” Saleh said.

The Jets are joined to Wilson. They were having a fling with White erstwhile helium trotted onto the Lucas Oil Stadium tract connected Thursday night.

It’s OK to cheer for Mike White. In fact, it’s virtually intolerable not to, for arsenic agelong arsenic the fairytale lasts.

Just support successful caput that Bledsoe wasn’t Belichick’s quarterback. RG3 wasn’t Gruden’s quarterback. Wilson is Douglas’ quarterback. Wilson is Saleh’s quarterback. Therein lies the unmistakable difference.

Root for Mike White portion you can.