Why You Need a Pot Rack (and How to Easily Install One)

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If you’re abbreviated connected furniture abstraction oregon are looking for a caller mode to signifier your pots and pans, a cookware rack is often a large solution for large and tiny kitchens alike. And you tin bent 1 yourself utilizing conscionable a fewer tools and an hr oregon 2 of your time.

How to take the close cookware rack

Pot racks travel successful galore shapes and sizes, truthful choosing the close 1 for you is an important archetypal step. Consider the size of your space, the portion of the room you privation to use, and the fig and value of your pots and pans.

There are racks that see retention connected apical for lids, which is simply a bully further space-saving option. For constrictive spaces, a azygous barroom with hooks tin beryllium hung from the ceiling oregon from the wall. For a wider footprint, a fractional ellipse rack oregon tiny rectangular rack tin beryllium attached. If you person a larger abstraction to enactment with, specified arsenic supra a room island, a circular oregon ample rectangular rack volition let entree from each sides.

To take the champion enactment for you, measurement the space, and retrieve that you’ll request to beryllium capable to really reach your pots and lids, truthful marque definite the rack volition let the items to beryllium stored wrong arms reach.

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Find your partition oregon ceiling studs

There are a fewer methods to find studs successful a ceiling oregon wall. The astir communal is simply a stud finder. These usage a magnet to find nails holding the beams to the remainder of the operation of your house, and are the astir reliable mode to find studs (unless your beams person a ample magnitude of plaster coating connected them).

If you don’t person a stud finder, you tin measure. House framing is built astatine either 16- oregon 24-inch intervals—meaning you should person studs each 16 oregon 24 inches successful your walls. To find a stud successful the wall, measurement 16 inches from the country of the room, past look for confirmation successful the signifier of electrical outlets, switches, oregon different existing shelves. If your location doesn’t lucifer with a 16 successful interval, effort 24.

Another mode to find studs is with the “knock test.” You tin sometimes perceive the hollowness betwixt studs by tapping connected the wall. The partition adjacent the stud volition dependable little hollow. You tin usage this method to corroborate the measurement of the studs successful your walls and ceilings.

On your ceiling, you’ll request to find the absorption that the studs travel. While partition studs are ever vertical, ceiling beams are horizontal, truthful they tin question beforehand to backmost oregon close to left. There are clues successful the signifier of airy fixtures oregon ceiling fans, which request to beryllium attached to a beam. If your fixture is simply a aggregate of 16 oregon 24 inches from a wall, it’s a bully stake there’s a beam there. If there’s not a beam going successful that direction, effort measuring successful the different direction.

Gather these tools to instal your cookware rack

Once you’re acceptable to instal your rack, you volition request a drill and—if your rack didn’t travel with its ain hardware—some ample oculus hooks. To take oculus hooks, cheque the bundle for a value bounds connected the hardware. For a ample rack, each hook should beryllium capable to clasp 20-50 lbs., depending connected however dense your pots are.

For a drill spot size, cheque the size of your hardware. If the size isn’t listed connected the packaging, you tin bring your hardware to the hardware store with you to comparison for size. Make definite to take a drill spot that is meant for drilling into partition committee oregon plaster, depending connected what your walls oregon ceilings are made of, and wood. You volition besides request a brace of information glasses to support your eyes from particulate and bits of wood.

Do immoderate measuring and marking

Once you’ve got your drill spot and your hardware ready, it’s clip to measurement the region betwixt your hooks on the beam you’ve chosen to use. Most cookware racks travel with a concatenation they bent from—measure the region betwixt the chains connected the rack to fig retired however acold isolated your chains should go.

To visualize wherever your rack volition fit, you tin acceptable it connected the antagonistic oregon level beneath wherever you mean to bent it. Then usage a plumb bob oregon a washer tied to a drawstring to people wherever you privation to drill your holes. To bash this, dangle your plumb bob from the ceiling supra your rack, lining the value up with wherever the concatenation is attached to the rack, and marque your mark.

Hang your rack

Once you’ve made your mark, drill your holes, and screw successful your hardware. (Wear information glasses for this portion due to the fact that drilling portion looking up is simply a large mode to get an oculus afloat of sawdust.) If your oculus hook is snug, you tin enactment a screwdriver done the oculus for leverage to crook it erstwhile you get the threads started. Now, you should beryllium acceptable to bent your rack from your hooks and signifier your pots and pans.