Why You Should Join AARP, Even If You’re a Young Whippersnapper

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I’m not a elder citizen, adjacent though I’m fussy, dislike large restaurants and sometimes grunt erstwhile getting retired of chairs. And yet, I’m besides a card-carrying subordinate of elder national advocacy radical AARP, which qualifies maine for each sorts of discounts erstwhile shopping. That’s because, contrary to fashionable belief, there’s nary minimum property request to join—anyone who tin wage an yearly $16 rank interest is entitled to the aforesaid benefits arsenic those successful their aureate years. And the deals are beauteous good, too!

How does an AARP rank work?

Formerly the American Association of Retired Persons, AARP advocates for the interests of radical implicit property 50 connected issues that impact them most, specified arsenic societal information oregon entree to healthcare. Their members also hap to get bully deals connected travel, restaurants, and amusement purchases, and there’s nary property regularisation to motion up for a rank (the lone objection to this would beryllium deals that bash person a minimum property requirement, similar supplemental Medicare coverage, oregon immoderate beingness security policies).

Membership is $12 for your archetypal twelvemonth with automatic renewal and $16 per twelvemonth aft that. You tin besides prevention 10% oregon 21% disconnected the yearly complaint if you motion up for a three-year oregon five-year commitment, respectively.

What benignant of deals tin you get done the AARP?

  • Car rentals: Considering that car rental prices are done the roof, 1 of the champion benefits is up to 30% disconnected basal rates for car rentals from Avis, Budget, and Payless. You tin besides get 43% disconnected an yearly Zipcar membership.
  • Airfare: As portion of a concern with British Airways, you suffice for either $65 (economy oregon premium economy) oregon $200 (business class) disconnected flights for much than 130 worldwide destinations, if booked online.
  • Hotels: Membership qualifies you for a 5-15% discount for a clump of edifice chains, including Wyndham, Radisson, Hilton, and Best Western.
  • Restaurants: The enactment is constricted to 14 concatenation restaurants, but you tin get 10-15% disconnected astatine Denny’s, Rainforest Cafe, Outback Steakhouse, and Bonefish Grill.
  • Entertainment: You tin get 20% disconnected Regal Cinema modular tickets, and $3 disconnected popcorn and soda combos if you already person a Regal membership. There’s besides two-for-one tickets connected prime shows done Ticketmaster (i.e., Vegas shows, musicals, insignificant league sports) and $2 disconnected the monthly outgo of an Audible subscription.

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As a member, you tin besides find deals connected pharmacies, fraud extortion products, abrogation packages, fiscal products, and of course, AARP’s complimentary glossy mag focused connected aging (for what it’s worth). Here’s a afloat database of their benefits.

Is AARP worthy the rank cost?

It is, considering the rank outgo is debased capable that you hardly request to usage it to get immoderate worth from it—maybe the unusual car rental, edifice country booking, oregon buying movie tickets.

For example, I easy offset the $12 rank outgo successful a azygous online acquisition of 2 Regal movie tickets, which were $14.80 little than what I could get without AARP. As a predominant moviegoer, the rank is worthy it conscionable for the Regal discounts alone, adjacent if I ne'er usage it for immoderate of the different discounts (I’m not a large instrumentality of the Rainforest Cafe, anyway—too loud).