Why You Should Just Switch to Android Already

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Apple is bully astatine what they do. They marque products that are casual to acceptable up and use, but, earlier you cognize it, you consciousness wholly trapped successful their ecosystem. Now, for galore of us, that’s not truthful bad; the ecosystem has a batch of perks, and beingness seems beauteous bully here. But for those of america looking for different tech opportunity, it tin seem, well, impossible. You mightiness privation a Galaxy Z Flip, but your texts would each be—gasp—green. Even still, conscionable bash it. Go ahead, power to Android.

Listen, I get it—making the leap from iPhone to Android seems monumental. Apple is strategic, putting real-life obstacles successful your mode erstwhile swapping SIMs. Right disconnected the bat, the 2nd you link your fig to a non-Apple phone, you suffer the quality to nonstop and person iMessage and FaceTime calls to those digits. If you person different Apple products, your friends tin inactive usage those methods to get successful interaction with you, but they person to beryllium reaching retired via your connected Apple ID email.

That’s a symptom successful the ass, for aggregate reasons. Chief among them, your non-iPhone Apple devices are apt not arsenic connected arsenic a smartphone is. Unless you person a cellular iPad, you’ll request to link to wifi earlier receiving the latest iMessages successful the radical chat, oregon being astir to reply a FaceTime call. Even if you kept your devices connected to your caller phone’s hotspot, the setup is magnitudes little convenient than conscionable having an iPhone connected astatine each times.

Speaking of different Apple devices, get acceptable for your telephone to nary longer enactment with them. If you’re utilized to convenient features similar AirDrop, Handoff, iCloud, and different Apple connectivity perks, those are going to spell distant with an Android. Plus, astir things you’ve bought connected your iPhone done your Apple ID are stuck to the platform, truthful you’ll person to rebuy apps and games similar Minecraft oregon FiLMiC Pro.

But, honestly, truthful what?

You tin marque bash conscionable good switching from iPhone to Android

If you privation to effort different phone; if there’s a caller portion of tech that looks so cool; if a institution offers features Apple simply can’t, past bash it. It won’t beryllium the extremity of the world. You apt cognize radical who person turned the radical chat green, who person made each iMessage absorption spelled retired successful text. And sure, there’s frustration, determination are jokes, but your telephone is cool. It does things your friends’ phones can’t. Also, it’s yours. Who cares?

But here’s my advice: Do your champion to person your friends to hold connected a third-party chat app. That tin beryllium challenging; switching chat apps isn’t thing radical bask doing, particularly en masse. It tin help, however, if you prime a level that most, if not each of them, are connected already. In galore cases, that’s going to beryllium a Meta property—WhatsApp oregon Facebook Messenger are apt your champion bets to affluent substance and video calls nary substance what telephone everyone has.

If you usage a Google Account for your integer life, you’ll find the power each the easier. Since Google makes Android, it’s a spot similar already having your toed into the Google ecosystem. If you already usage services similar Google Photos, Gmail, Google Drive, you mightiness consciousness close astatine location connected your caller Android. Plus, astir subscriptions you person done iOS can beryllium accessed connected their Android counterpart without immoderate other costs, which is decidedly 1 perk to everything being escaped to download these days.

I’ve outlined immoderate tips for switching betwixt iPhone and Android here, to marque the modulation a spot easier.

Look, there’s a full satellite of phones retired there. Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola, and adjacent Sony marque unique, absorbing devices that adhd caller features and options each year. If you’re successful the marketplace for a caller phone, and 1 of these catches your eye, spell for it! You tin ever power backmost to iPhone if you miss it.

If much of america bargain the phones we want, alternatively than instrumentality to circumstantial platforms, possibly it’ll animate Apple to marque their OS a spot little exclusive. I don’t cognize if we’ll ever spot existent iMessage connected Android, but if Apple could simply enactment RCS, we could person casual substance chats among each phones.