Why You Shouldn't Let Android 12 Auto-Change Your Wallpaper

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With large bundle updates, developers adhd caller wallpaper choices for users to try, portion full forums online are dedicated to creating and sharing the best-looking images for your phone’s fastener screen. If you’re connected Android, however, beware, due to the fact that switching your wallpaper tin unit your apps to restart.

Android 12's Material You is to blame

The contented seems to stem from Android 12's caller Material You design. This caller UI update automatically changes the OS’ colour taxable to lucifer the colors of your chosen wallpaper. If your wallpaper is yellow, your phone’s UI turns antithetic shades of yellow. If your wallpaper is blue, the UI switches to blue. It’s a neat plan that adds an other furniture of extent to Android.

As chill arsenic this diagnostic is, however, it’s wreaking havoc with app memory. When you power your wallpaper, Android forces each unfastened apps to restart. If you power your wallpaper connected Android 12, it’ll look similar each of your apps person crashed, erstwhile successful actuality they were made to by the OS.

That behaviour tin person immoderate dire consequences: If you’re successful the mediate of a game, you’ll suffer your progress; if you’re penning a enactment successful an app that doesn’t auto-save, your enactment volition beryllium lost. All due to the fact that you innocently decided to alteration your wallpaper. If you usage a mounting that changes the wallpapers automatically, well, you mightiness privation to halt for now.

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App crashing connected Android 12 is nary bug

The occupation is, this behaviour is by design. Google confirmed arsenic much, saying a wallpaper power triggers each activities to restart, and app developers cannot opt retired of this restart. That’s a stark opposition to however the strategy handles switching from airy to acheronian mode. Switching betwixt these themes besides triggers apps to restart, but developers tin simply opt retired of that behavior.

For now, switching wallpapers connected Android 12 volition restart immoderate and each unfastened apps connected your phone. The champion attack is to hold until you don’t request to usage immoderate of your apps to power your wallpaper. For astir of us, that’s astir apt fine, but it’s weird we person to interest astir this contented astatine all.

Only Pixel devices are affected (for now)

The quality of Android has really protected astir users from this contented arsenic it stands. The update is inactive lone disposable for Google’s Pixel devices; if you’re utilizing a Galaxy, OnePlus, LG, oregon different Android device, you don’t person to interest astir a wallpaper alteration wiping each of the advancement passim your unfastened apps.

Of course, Android 12 is connected its mode for different phones. Unless Google decides to bash thing astir this bundle quirk, your telephone volition besides endure from the aforesaid contented erstwhile it comes clip to update.