Will Aer Lingus give me my flight deposit back?

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Last summertime I booked flights to New York for a household of 4 with Aer Lingus for a vacation successful April 2022.

After receiving the archetypal booking confirmation successful July, I heard from Aer Lingus twice, successful August 2021 and February 2022, to pass maine of docket changes.

On 6 April 2022, I visited the Aer Lingus website to cheque successful online and discovered the booking had been cancelled successful February due to the fact that the equilibrium had not been paid.

This was a shock. I had not received a reminder. My ailment and petition for the instrumentality of the £530 deposit, owing to a nonaccomplishment of communication, has been rejected.

Do I person immoderate anticipation of retrieving the deposit from Aer Lingus?

In 30 years of booking holidays, I person ne'er missed paying a balance. However, this is the archetypal clip I person not received a reminder.
DF, Hebden Bridge

Well, the bully quality is that determination is hope, arsenic aft we contacted it Aer Lingus relented and agreed to springiness you your wealth back.

On its website it says that aft 24 hours, the deposit paid connected a booking is non-refundable. It besides says it volition nonstop a “just successful case” reminder email erstwhile the equilibrium is due, which successful this lawsuit it did not do.

The hose says: “Aer Lingus offers customers travelling to oregon from North America the enactment to wage conscionable 50% of their fare astatine the clip of booking and wage the remaining equilibrium 60 days earlier their question date. In this lawsuit the equilibrium was not paid wrong the communicated deadline, which resulted successful the booking being cancelled.”

However, it adds: “We admit connected this juncture the lawsuit did not person a reminder email advising her to wage the balance, and arsenic a motion of goodwill we person issued a refund for the deposit paid. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.”

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