Will Nathan Drake Make This Jump in the Uncharted Trailer?

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The clip it takes for Drake to determination successful the vertical absorption is the nonstop aforesaid clip it takes for him to determination horizontally. This means that I tin usage the horizontal question to cipher the time, and past usage that magnitude of clip successful the vertical question to find his last vertical position.

When Drake makes his jump, helium needs to get up to a vertical presumption of zero meters; that’s the presumption of the ramp and wherever I acceptable the origin. If this last worth is little than zero meters, helium lands below the airplane. And that would beryllium bad.

Determining the horizontal question isn't excessively difficult. Since helium has a changeless velocity, I tin find his last horizontal presumption with the pursuing equation:

Illustration: Rhett Allain

Check this out: I cognize the starting x-position (x1 = 2.4 m) and the last x-position (x2 = 0 m) truthful that I tin usage the x-velocity to lick for the clip it takes to implicit the jump. (He's moving to the left, truthful that's going to beryllium antagonistic 3.37 m/s.)

Notice that successful the trailer we don't spot the full jump, but, if we did, it would instrumentality 0.71 seconds to scope the backmost ramp of the aircraft.

Now, I tin usage this clip and plug it into the vertical kinematic equation. This gives a last y-position of negative 1.79 meters.

That’s little than zero, truthful there’s thing but aerial beneath him. And remember: That’s bad.

We’re not done yet, but it’s worthy taking a 2nd to wonderment wherefore helium ends up adjacent lower than helium started. It’s due to the fact that adjacent though his archetypal velocity is successful the affirmative (upward) direction, the leap takes truthful agelong that the gravitational unit stops his upward question and makes him determination downward astatine a faster and faster rate.

What About the Moving Air?

When you instrumentality your manus retired the model of a moving car, you tin consciousness thing pushing backmost connected you. This is the enactment betwixt your manus and the aerial molecules surrounding the car—we telephone this aerial resistance. The magnitude of unit you consciousness depends connected the comparative velocity of the manus with respect to the air, and the size and signifier of your hand. At precise ample speeds, this aerial absorption unit tin beryllium significant.

Let's accidental the craft has a flying velocity of 120 mph—I similar that worth due to the fact that it's the aforesaid arsenic the terminal velocity of a quality skydiver. When idiosyncratic falls done the aerial for a while, the gravitational unit causes them to summation successful speed. But this summation successful velocity besides increases the upwards-pushing aerial resistance. At immoderate constituent not excessively agelong aft a jump, the upward aerial absorption unit is adjacent to the downward gravitational force. This means the full unit is zero and the diver nary longer accelerates. Instead, present they determination astatine a changeless speed. We telephone that the terminal velocity. Of course, humans tin inactive set their assemblage and interact with the aerial to crook and maneuver—that’s wherefore skydiving is inactive fun.