Will Smith, 53, Sweats It Out In The Gym During Intense Workout: ‘Best Shape Of My Life’

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October 18, 2021 4:54PM EDT

Will Smith shared a caller video of his workout routines, and it’s abundantly wide that the histrion isn’t messing astir erstwhile he’s successful the gym.

Back successful May 2021, Will Smith said helium was successful “the worst signifier of my life” and decided to statesman prioritizing his wellness and fitness. It’s present October, and the 53-year-old histrion conscionable shared a caller video connected societal media that proves helium was arsenic superior arsenic could beryllium astir this value nonaccomplishment journey. In fact, Will was so serious that he’s present saying that he’s successful the “the champion signifier of my life.” And aft watching the video beneath of his workout routines, we’d person to agree!


And to deliberation Sundays utilized to beryllium for muffins 😂 #bestshapeofmylife #fittok #gymtok 📹: @Jonesy

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In Will’s video, which helium shared to Instagram and TikTok, the Bad Boys For Life actor is laying successful furniture erstwhile he’s awakened by a antheral trainer astatine the gym, who says, “Are you successful furniture close now? Get the f**k up!” Suddenly, a startled Will jumps up and the video cuts to his array of workouts that he’s seemingly been doing implicit the past fewer months. Will tin beryllium seen lifting dense weights, doing pull-ups, performing ab exercises, and moving connected a way successful the clips.

Throughout the workout footage, Will looks incredibly healthy. His assemblage is ace toned and wide he’s much, overmuch skinnier than helium was erstwhile helium started this fittingness journey. His muscles look overmuch bigger, too! Will captioned the footage, “And to deliberation Sundays utilized to beryllium for muffins,” and added the hashtags “bestshapeofmylife,” “fittok,” and “gymtok.”

Will SmithWill Smith astatine the ‘Bad Boys For Life’ premiere successful Madrid, Spain connected January 8, 2020 (Photo: Belen Diaz/DYDPPA/Shutterstock)

Will announced plans to absorption connected his fittingness conscionable earlier summertime started. At the time, helium shared a shirtless drawback of himself to IG and said, “This is the assemblage that carried maine done an entire pandemic and countless days grazing thru the pantry. I emotion this body, but I wanna FEEL better. No much midnight muffins…this is it! Imma get successful the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!!!!”

But conscionable 3 weeks later, Will showed helium had already slimmed down a spot by posing successful his underwear for a video connected societal media. The video showed a montage of Will’s workouts, each to the tune of the viral TikTok remix to Busta Rhymes‘ opus “Touch It.” Overall, Will has proven that helium tin genuinely execute thing that helium sets his caput towards.