Will Smith’s first post-Oscars slap film ‘Emancipation’ earns applause at screening

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Will Smith won the Oscar for Best Actor for his relation   successful  "King Richard" astatine  the 2022 Academy Awards.

Will Smith is getting backmost connected his feet, months aft his infamous Oscars slap.

While the 54-year-old histrion has been mostly been staying retired of the limelight since helium smacked presenter Chris Rock astatine the ceremony earlier this year, helium has a caller task successful the works that’s already creating buzz.

Smith’s archetypal post-Oscars film, titled “Emancipation,” had a special screening hosted by the NAACP during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 51st Annual Legislative Conference connected Oct. 1.

The play stars Smith arsenic a runway enslaved named Peter who recovered asylum successful Louisiana and winds up joining the Union Army.

The movie earned aboriginal praise astatine the event, with the “King Richard” prima making an appearance.

“Throughout my career, I’ve turned down galore films that were acceptable successful slavery,” Smith noted astatine the screening, via the Hollywood Reporter. “I ne'er wanted to amusement america similar that. And past this representation came along. And this is not a movie astir slavery. This is simply a movie astir freedom. This is simply a movie astir resilience. This is simply a movie astir faith.”

Actor/rapper Will Smith Smith was banned from attending the Oscars for the adjacent 10 years aft helium smacked Chris Rock astatine this year’s show. WireImage

“This is simply a movie astir the bosom of a antheral — what could beryllium called the archetypal viral image,” the begetter of 3 added.

An 1863 photograph of the enslaved antheral with scars connected his backmost from being heavy whipped “became 1 of the astir wide circulated images of slavery of its time,” History.com reported. Called “The Scourged Back” oregon “Whipped Peter,” was utilized successful campaigns by abolitionists successful efforts to extremity slavery.

Will Smith and Chris RockWill Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock implicit a gag astir his woman Jada Pinkett Smith astatine the Oscars successful March 2022.Getty Images

“Cameras had conscionable been created, and the representation of ‘Whipped Peter’ went astir the world,” Smith noted. “It was a rallying outcry against slavery, and this was a communicative that exploded and blossomed successful my bosom that I wanted to beryllium capable to present to you successful a mode that lone Antoine Fuqua could deliver.”

Founded 1909“Emancipation” was screened connected Oct. 1 and the lawsuit was hosted by the NAACP.NAACP

NAACP President and CEO Derrick Johnson praised the movie in a tweet aft the event.

“I had the pleasance of watching the movie #Emancipation and can’t statesman to archer however almighty this is for OUR assemblage and OUR history,” Johnson said. “It’s a communicative of adversity, of resilience, of love, and of triumph. Thank you Antoine Fuqua and Will Smith for sharing your gifts! #ThisIsPower.”

While the Apple TV task has nary merchandise day arsenic of yet, it is expected to premiere successful 2023.