Willful Blindness: Experts Weigh In on Money Laundering, CCP’s Transnational Criminal Activity

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Investigative writer Sam Cooper’s revelations of wealth laundering and communist China’s engagement successful transnational transgression activities connected Canadian ungraded was the taxable of a sheet treatment connected Oct. 21, with 1 adept saying that Ottawa should bash a amended occupation of keeping the nationalist informed.

Cooper’s book, “Wilful Blindness: How a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP Agents Infiltrated the West,” details his probe of suspicious money-laundering activities successful Vancouver’s casinos. Following the wealth trail, helium uncovers the intricate connections betwixt cause trafficking organizations successful Canada, Hong Kong triads, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The publication reveals however these transgression activities fuelled the opioid situation successful Canada portion driving existent property prices truthful precocious arsenic to go unaffordable for many, and however the hands of instrumentality enforcement officials were oftentimes tied owed to unit from politicians.

Cooper was 1 of the speakers astatine the sheet discussion, which besides included Calvin Chrustie, a elder information and captious hazard consultant astatine InterVentis Global, and Anders Corr, an writer and steadfast of the Journal of Political Risk. The moderator was Dean Baxendale, CEO of the China Democracy Foundation and the president of Optimum Publishing International, which hosted the event.

Cooper said that done entree to confidential records, helium learned that galore suspects of transnational crimes attended the CCP’s United Front Work Department meetings successful Vancouver, wherever they rubbed shoulders with elite Canadian politicians.

“We could spot alleged cash-for-access governmental donation enactment there, we could spot politicians that would look to commencement to prime up the enactment of the Chinese state,” helium said.

“And this wasn’t conscionable my recognition—if we had been listening to Chinese Canadians and Hong Kong Canadians that person been sources for CSIS [Canadian Security Intelligence Service] for 2 decades, they’d beryllium telling the precise aforesaid communicative that I revealed,” helium said.

Chrustie, an internationally recognized adept successful transnational organized transgression and covert wealth laundering operations, said that when helium was the intelligence officer for the RCMP in British Columbia, starting astir 2007 determination was an escalation of unit successful the state involving different gangs successful performance with the Chinese triad networks.

“Not only were the triads active—and they had been for a number of years, a decade or two before that with the Big Circle gangs—but there was an emerging threat that was inclusive of the triads, and that was the Middle Eastern organized crime networks, the Iranian networks,” helium said.

Cooper outlines successful the publication however the Big Circle Boys, a almighty transnational cause cartel with ties to corrupt Chinese officials, existent property tycoons, and industrialists, were capable to summation power implicit important portions of Canada’s system owed to decades of atrocious policy.

Epoch Times Photo Sam Cooper’s publication “Wilful Blindness: How a Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP Agents Infiltrated the West” was released connected May 20, 2021. (Optimum Publishing International)

As for wherefore the Canadian authorities seems to beryllium ignoring this increasing threat, Chrustie said that successful national institutions “there’s been a humanities interest successful presumption of hazard aversion successful presumption of educating the nationalist successful presumption of what benignant of accusation we were successful possession of, and sharing that successful educating the public.”

“There’s been a focus, ‘hey, conscionable investigate, conscionable cod intelligence,’” helium said. “But arsenic you bash each those things if you’re not educating the nationalist successful presumption of what’s going connected it’s going to beryllium a problem.”

On that front, helium said, countries specified arsenic the United States, Australia, UK, and Israel wherever “intelligence is portion of society” bash amended than Canada.

“In Canada, radical tin accidental there’s laws preventing it, and I’m definite there’s impediments there, but we haven’t done a bully occupation until I deliberation successful the past twelvemonth oregon truthful really having these nationalist discussions astir it.”

Chrustie said determination are definite individuals arsenic good arsenic the media who downgrade the seriousness of the problems, thing that was besides evident during the Cullen Commission’s enquiry into wealth laundering successful B.C., astatine which helium testified.

I don’t know if they’re doing any favours to anybody in terms of not bringing forward the real issues and sugarcoating the seriousness of the threat,” helium said.

‘Parallels Around the World’

Corr described Cooper’s publication arsenic “a tour de force of the links between the CCP and Chinese Communist Party gangs in Canada.”

“What I want to impress upon folks is that what Sam has detailed very closely in his book, there are parallels around the world that have not been as closely detailed,” helium told the panel.

“What we spot is simply a wide signifier of Chinese Communist Party power and utilization of immoderate benignant of atrocious actors, rogue actors, successful the satellite that you spot today, whether that’s Russia, which is arguably a atrocious actor, a rogue state, North Korea, Iran.”

“This is benignant of the background, the planetary backdrop,” helium explained. “I deliberation what makes Sam’s publication truthful important is that helium goes into precise heavy item successful a mode that we don’t person different places but we truly should.”

He said the CCP besides supports the Taliban successful Afghanistan, and with the violent enactment present successful power, Beijing has entree to trillions of dollars’ worthy of earthy resources.

“The Chinese Communist Party has had a huge victory in Afghanistan. They were waiting in the wings for this,” helium said. “We’ve truly made a immense blunder successful Afghanistan, and we’ve handed the state to China basically.”

As the Chinese authorities grows progressively more aggressive politically and militarily, Corr warned that the satellite should not fto its defender down.

“[China] is going to continue to rise, and the people who are claiming that it’s going to plateau for demographic reasons, I don’t really think that they’re thinking about how the CCP is able to influence capital cities around the world to do things that are absolutely against their [own] interests, economically, militarily, and otherwise,” helium said.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is an Epoch Times newsman based successful Toronto.