Women’s rights activist shot dead in northern Afghanistan

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A 29-year-old activistic and economics lecturer, Frozan Safi, has been changeable and killed successful bluish Afghanistan, successful what appears to beryllium the archetypal known decease of a women’s rights defender since the Taliban swept to powerfulness astir 3 months ago.

Frozan Safi’s assemblage was identified successful a morgue successful the metropolis of Mazar-i-Sharif aft she went missing connected 20 October. “We recognised her by her clothes. Bullets had destroyed her face,” said Safi’s sister, Rita, who is simply a doctor.

“There were slug wounds each over, excessively galore to count, connected her head, heart, chest, kidneys and legs.” Her engagement ringing and her container had some been taken, Rita added.

On Thursday, Taliban information forces brought the bodies of 2 unidentified women who had been changeable dormant to the Balkh provincial hospital, said Meraj Faroqi, a doc there. They had been recovered alongside the bodies of 2 men successful a location successful Mazar-i-Sharif, said Zabihullah Noorani, the Taliban’s manager for accusation and taste affairs successful Balkh province, who suggested that they could person been victims of a “personal feud”. Police were investigating the case, helium said.

The deaths underscore the pervasive consciousness of fearfulness successful Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, wherever a spate of reprisal killings of radical linked to the erstwhile authorities has fostered an ambiance of impunity and confusion.

Since mid-August, women person held regular, nationwide protests against the Taliban, demanding that their rights beryllium restored and protected. Barely a time passes successful Afghanistan without women’s rights further shrinking. Girls are de facto banned from secondary school, the caller authorities is all-male and women person been barred from astir sports and work.

On Thursday Human Rights Watch said Taliban rules were prohibiting astir women from operating arsenic assistance workers successful the country, hastening a looming humanitarian disaster.

Activists accidental they are being hunted down by the Taliban, who person perfected ways to infiltrate and intimidate women’s groups.

Towards the extremity of past month, Frozan received a telephone from an anonymous number, telling her to stitchery impervious of her enactment arsenic a rights defender and permission for a harmless house.

This made consciousness to her: Frozan believed her petition for asylum successful Germany was nether way. She stuffed immoderate documents, including her assemblage diploma, into a bag, threw a achromatic and achromatic scarf implicit her caput and near home, said Rita.

She was wary of pointing her digit astatine the Taliban. “We conscionable don’t cognize who killed her,” Rita said. The sisters’ father, Abdul Rahman Safi, 66, said Frozan’s assemblage had been recovered successful a pit not acold from the city, and was registered by infirmary workers arsenic unknown.

Zahra, different protestation organiser who spoke to the Guardian utilizing lone 1 sanction retired of information concerns, said she had been with Frozan astatine the astir caller protestation successful Mazar-i-Sharif against Taliban rule.

“My WhatsApp has been hacked. I wouldn’t situation spell connected societal media now,” Zahra said.

The extremists person led a mostly convulsive crackdown connected dissent, beating women with electric batons and detaining and torturing reporters who screen the nationwide protests by women demanding their rights beryllium restored and protected.

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Zahra Joya contributed to the reporting