Woodchipper murder trial: ‘Thou shalt not kill’ message left in letterbox of accused, Brisbane court hears

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The connection “thou shalt not kill” was near successful a shaken Sharon Graham’s letterbox during a woodchipper decease investigation, a Brisbane tribunal has heard.

Graham, 61, and spouse Gregory Lee Roser, 63, person pleaded not blameworthy to execution aft Bruce Saunders died portion moving connected a spot northbound of Brisbane successful November 2017.

Prosecutors allege Graham asked Roser and different lover, Peter Koenig, to termination her ex-partner Saunders, 54, and marque it look similar an mishap successful a bid to assertion his $750,000 beingness insurance.

Footage has been shown to a Brisbane ultimate tribunal assemblage of Saunders’ legs protruding from a woodchipper astatine the Goomboorian spot adjacent Gympie aft clearing trees with Roser and Koenig.

In a February 2018 conversation, recorded by constabulary listening devices planted passim her Nambour residence, Graham complained to Roser that she “can’t cope”.

“I don’t privation to beryllium successful this location immoderate more. I can’t enactment here,” she says successful audio played to the assemblage connected Thursday.

“You person nary thought what has happened this week. I can’t speech to you connected the telephone … scary shit.

“I’ve got radical putting paperwork successful my letterbox similar the Ten Commandments.”

“The Ten Commandments?” Roser asks.

“Yeah, ‘thou shalt not kill’ … I’ll amusement it to you,” Graham says.

“What the fuck,” Roser replies.

The mates besides sermon inconsistencies successful Roser’s constabulary statements astatine the Nambour residence wherever Saunders besides utilized to live.

“You person really incriminated yourself to beryllium enactment connected charges which is wholly not right,” Graham says.

“You request to archer a lawyer ‘I fucked up with my statements … due to the fact that the time of it happening I person a full artifact … Something has blocked my head’.”

In the audio, Roser says determination are inconsistencies astir wherever helium was erstwhile helium claimed helium archetypal saw Saunders successful the chipper aft answering the police’s “dickhead questions”.

Graham past reminds Roser that constabulary could not find footprints wherever helium claimed helium had stood successful his effort to “save” Saunders from the chipper.

“That decidedly caught you,” she says.

Roser replies: “I fucked up there.”

Graham adds: “In daze you would accidental a batch of things that were not right.”

Roser blames the constabulary for his connection inconsistencies.

“Because you cognize what they do, they interrupt you each the clip … and it fucks you up,” helium says.

“I had successful my caput thing and past helium [police] started talking … that’s what they kept doing to me.”

The mates besides sermon blaming Roser’s medicine aft researching side-effects.

Roser tells Graham that 1 causes “dizziness and light-headedness”.

“You can’t justice things … you can’t justice distances, it throws you out,” helium says.

Graham tells Roser to attack his doc and accidental the medication’s superior side-effects had led to confusing constabulary statements.

She past discovers they are speechmaking the medication’s withdrawal symptoms.

Roser past says: “Here we go, this 1 … I cognize I person got that – disorientation.”

“What’s disorientation mean?” Graham asks.

“It means you can’t marque decisions,” helium replies.

Graham past tells Roser: “The doc has to enactment each of this successful penning for you.”

Graham has successfully applied for a abstracted trial.

Roser’s proceedings earlier Justice Martin Burns continues connected Monday.