Xavier McKinney talks everything Giants, love of fashion, meeting Kobe

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Giants information Xavier McKinney tackles Q&A from Post columnist Steve Serby.

Q: How would you picture the translation from disconnected the tract to connected it?

A: It’s benignant of similar however my hairsbreadth is, I deliberation that’s a large origin of wherefore it’s half-and-half. I got 2 antithetic personalities wherever I could beryllium a truly chill guy, I’m a truly bully feline disconnected the field, I’m precise approachable, open-minded to antithetic things. But then, I besides got the blond side, the brainsick broadside of maine wherever erstwhile I get retired determination connected the field, I person nary friends, I’m not determination to marque friends, I’m determination to beryllium great. I cognize the objective, I cognize the goal, and the extremity for maine is to, astatine the extremity of the journey, to get that golden jacket. That’s what I’m chasing, and that’s however I spot it each and each clip I measurement retired determination onto the field, and I support that mindset with me. I’m conscionable a existent competitor, that’s conscionable who I americium and that’s who I’ve been my full life.

Q: What drives you?

A: Just wanting to beryllium great, man. I had to inquire myself what’s driving maine present due to the fact that I’m present now, truthful it’s benignant of like, present what? But for me, it’s conscionable wanting to beryllium great, wanting to beryllium 1 of the champion to ever bash it astatine my position, and similar I said, chasing that golden jacket, that’s thing that’s super-big for me. I couldn’t adjacent accent the value of getting there. I cognize it’s gonna instrumentality a lot, but I’m prepared for that journey.

Q: Describe your trials and tribulations.

A: Going to ’Bama, things didn’t commencement disconnected however I wanted it to commencement off. My freshman twelvemonth I didn’t play arsenic overmuch arsenic I thought I was going to. Other things successful my beingness that I had to woody with passim the people of getting to that point, and past obviously, going to the harvester and didn’t person the top combine, ran a 4.6, caught cramps doing that, and past didn’t bash immoderate drills. And then, thought I was gonna spell archetypal round, thought I shoulda went archetypal round, ended up going 2nd round. … I really retrieve aft that archetypal time of the draft, that aforesaid nighttime really got connected my iPad and I watched movie of myself, I self-scouted myself, and I had similar pages of notes of wherever I felt similar wherefore I didn’t get drafted successful the archetypal round, truthful conscionable fundamentally pages of disapproval from me, conscionable penning down wherever I request to amended on. A batch of antithetic things that made it a hard roadworthy to get to this point.

Q: What are your favourite motivational sayings?

A: Nobody cares, conscionable work. That’s what I’ve utilized since I was successful precocious school. I didn’t get recruited truly dense astatine first, truthful each I knew was enactment my caput down and work, don’t interest astir what different radical astir maine are doing, conscionable interest astir yourself, interest astir getting amended and improving.

Xavier McKinneyXavier McKinneyAP

Q:. Why is playing successful New York the cleanable spot for you?

A: Obviously, disconnected the field, each the antithetic opportunities that determination are here, evidently it’s the manner superior truthful that truly helps, too. I deliberation connected the field, it’s the cleanable spot, the enactment is great, they benignant of transportation that mentality of what I’m utilized to arsenic acold arsenic however it was astatine ’Bama. They ne'er fto you settee with conscionable being good, they ever privation you to beryllium great, nary substance what. That’s besides thing that truly helps maine on the mode is conscionable not having that complacency and making definite that each the coaches are connected me, each the unit is connected me, the players, truthful conscionable having that mentality present truly helps maine arsenic a person, helps maine arsenic a subordinate for sure.

Q: If you could intercept immoderate backmost successful the past of the NFL, who would it be?

A: I’ll astir apt person to accidental Tom Brady. He’s been playing for a truly agelong time, he’s evidently the GOAT, what galore radical see the GOAT, what I see the GOAT. Last twelvemonth I didn’t get a accidental to look him, I was hurt, but I get to play him again this year, truthful beryllium looking guardant to the challenge, that matchup.

Q: If you could prime the encephalon of immoderate antiaircraft backmost oregon immoderate antiaircraft subordinate successful NFL history?

A: That’s easy, Ed Reed. Somebody that I ticker each the time, I ticker his highlights, conscionable effort to get a consciousness for immoderate helium was feeling, and effort to spot however helium played his game. Obviously helium had a batch of picks, helium had a batch of yards aft his picks, truthful conscionable a existent playmaker, idiosyncratic I similar to survey and effort to prime immoderate of his crippled and enactment it into mine.

Q: How would you picture your manner style?

A: I would accidental I’m precise into fashion. It helps maine explicate benignant of who I americium arsenic a person, it explains my personality. I’m not acrophobic to spell retired of the box, deterioration thing different, and it conscionable gives maine a accidental to explicit myself however I would similar for everyone to spot me. I effort to deterioration thing amended each and each week and conscionable effort to trial myself to spot wherever I tin propulsion the limits to getting maine retired of my comfortableness level.

Q: So erstwhile it comes to manner and connected the shot field, you situation to beryllium great?

A: Yeah (chuckle), that’s a precise existent statement, man. On and disconnected the field, I ever situation myself to antithetic things, worldly wherever I cognize wherever I request to improve. I similar to situation myself and effort to beryllium large successful that area, that’s conscionable benignant of however I’ve ever been built, it’s however I’ve been taught increasing up.

Q: Have you gotten an update connected Dexter Lawrence’s Dexxywear?

A: I’ve talked to him a small spot astir it, he’s decidedly gonna effort to get maine immoderate apparel here. I told him I was gonna stone immoderate of it to a Sunday game, oregon a prime-time crippled I should say.

Q: What did you deliberation of Daniel Jones’ one-handed catch?

A: First thing, I thought was OBJ [Odell Beckham Jr.]. … He truly concentrated connected that one. I would person loved to spot a small solemnisation aft it (chuckle), but helium didn’t bash overmuch after.

Q: Describe his off-the-field leadership.

A: He’s 1 of those guys wherever helium ever makes definite the squad is intact, to marque definite we’re each connected the aforesaid page. Anytime we person immoderate squad meetings oregon anything, helium ever conscionable benignant of lets america cognize that we’re each successful this together. If you’re having a atrocious crippled oregon you’re having a bully game, he’s ever retired determination conscionable benignant of giving words of encouragement and inactive warring done that adversity whenever the clip comes.

Q: What’s the champion code you’ve heard Logan Ryan give?

A: It’s hard to pinpoint immoderate one, but I’ve besides had talks with him astir being that subordinate that I’m trying to get to, and he’s really fixed maine a batch of words of wisdom. Obviously he’s been there, he’s won Super Bowls, truthful helium knows what it takes to get there. Just giving maine challenges each and each day, challenging maine to beryllium great. Whether that’s if we’re playing different secondary oregon different safeties successful a game, helium challenges maine to spell retired determination and beryllium the champion 1 retired determination connected the field.

Xavier McKinny makes a tackle against Washington.Xavier McKinny makes a tackle against Washington.Getty Images

Q: Safety Tyrann Mathieu, aka the Honey Badger, volition beryllium connected the opposing sideline for the Chiefs connected Monday night.

A: That’s a large challenge. I’ll decidedly beryllium prepared to spell retired determination and spot him and past beryllium capable to beryllium the champion information retired determination connected the tract connected Monday night. But he’s besides different 1 of the large safeties that I’ve watched plentifulness of times. I can’t archer you however galore times I watched his assemblage tape.

Q: Why are Giants fans truthful intrigued by Kadarius Toney?

A: ’Cause helium tin propulsion 65 yards lasting still, I deliberation that’s the biggest crushed wherefore (laugh). But he’s 1 of those guys, he’s electric, man. He tin marque plays anyplace — helium tin drawback it retired of the backfield, helium tin get a handoff, helium tin tally a route, helium tin juke each 11 of your defenders — truthful he’s 1 of those guys that’s truly amusive to watch.

Q: What is it similar playing down Leonard Williams?

A: From past twelvemonth a batch of radical were hype for my archetypal prime [Week 17 versus the Cowboys], but the crushed wherefore I adjacent got that prime successful the archetypal spot was really him. He really caused disruption connected that play, helium got to the backmost [Andy Dalton] and the backmost threw a atrocious walk and it got intercepted.

Q: What person you noticed astir Azeez Ojulari?

A: I announcement that he’s gonna get to the backmost excessively (chuckle), truthful that truly makes maine blessed ’cause if I spot a atrocious throw, past I’m decidedly smiling, I’m trying to get the ball.

Q: Describe antiaircraft coordinator Patrick Graham.

A: He’s not acrophobic to perceive to his players. He’s 1 of those guys that’s not a large ego guy. If there’s thing that helium could bash better, he’s ever each ears, he’s consenting to perceive and he’s consenting to alteration for the betterment of the team, betterment of the defense. That’s what I truly emotion astir him. He’s besides 1 of those guys that’s each astir work, he’s not overmuch astir talk, and that’s thing that gets america fired up and gets america acceptable and prepared to play.

Q: What is the champion propulsion you’ve seen Patrick Mahomes make?

A: Can’t truly pinpoint 1 pass, but I cognize helium has a batch of large ones.

Q: What is the quality successful defending Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill?

A: Tyreek is simply a super-fast guy, you gotta beryllium much diligent with him. Obviously it’s 2 antithetic benignant of accomplishment sets. One feline is truly fast, and helium could bushed you successful a heartbeat conscionable by running, and Kelce, he’s truly savvy, he’s not arsenic fast, but helium tin tally and helium knows however to get open.

Q: Would you beryllium disappointed if the Dolphins gave up connected erstwhile Alabama teammate Tua Tagovailoa in a commercialized for Deshaun Watson?

A: I truly would, man. Tua truly doesn’t get a batch of recognition passim his career, adjacent assemblage vocation … arsenic overmuch arsenic helium got, it wasn’t capable to me. I consciousness similar helium changed the crippled of assemblage football. … I would decidedly beryllium disappointed, he’s 1 of those guys that he’s gonna get the occupation done, truthful I don’t deliberation they should springiness up connected him this early.

Xavier McKinney takes down   the Falcons Cordarrelle Patterson.Xavier McKinney takes down the Falcons Cordarrelle Patterson.AP

Q: Are you amazed astatine what erstwhile Alabama teammate Mac Jones has shown truthful far?

A: No, I’m not. I utilized to spell against Mac each day. Obviously helium was connected the scout team. I saw his development, helium was ne'er 1 of those guys that got complacent, helium was ever trying to get better. I retrieve our freshman year, we weren’t roommates, but I was successful the country with him, and portion everybody was doing what they were doing, helium was sitting connected the sofa studying plays, and I ever retrieve that moment, truthful I’m truly not amazed by what he’s done and what he’s gonna do.

Q: Whatever comes to mind: Jaylen Waddle?

A: Fast and explosive.

Q: DeVonta Smith?

A: Sticky hands … decisive route-runner … fast.

Q: Henry Ruggs III?

A: Super-fast.

Q: Jerry Jeudy?

A: Fast … route-running is amazing.

Q: Describe the clip you met Kobe Bryant astatine Alabama.

A: That clip was truly special, man. Obviously he’s 1 of the all-time greats, and I emotion hoops truthful I ticker a batch of basketball. He has a large mind, large mindset, and conscionable getting a bully consciousness of who helium was arsenic a person, conscionable explaining it, getting the accidental to really prime his encephalon and spot however helium was arsenic a rival and what his thoughts benignant of were going into practices, going into games. That’s thing I cherish forever. I really asked him a question that time of however helium prepares, however helium studies film, and helium conscionable fto maine cognize a batch of large things of antithetic factors of watching movie and getting 1 up connected the hostile conscionable by assemblage language. It was thing that I’ll ne'er forget. RIP to Kobe. He truly helped maine physique arsenic a subordinate and arsenic a idiosyncratic erstwhile I got to perceive to him.

Q: Describe rooting for the Islanders successful past year’s playoffs.

A: When I went successful the arena, it was similar super-cold, I wasn’t expecting it to beryllium that cold, but past I realized each we were astir was ice, truthful I should person known it was astir apt gonna beryllium cold, but I’m gladsome I brought a overgarment with me, but it was decidedly fun.

Q: Who are athletes successful different sports you admire?

A: Floyd [Mayweather], LeBron [James]. … I cognize you said different sports, but shot I would accidental Malcolm Jenkins arsenic acold arsenic the worldly that helium does disconnected the field, I deliberation it’s truly inspirational for me. He decidedly is helping pb the way. Another feline is [Colin] Kaepernick, different feline for maine that is conscionable helping pb the way.

Q: Two meal guests?

A: Tupac, Jay-Z.

Q: Favorite movie?

A: “Back to the Future.”

Q: Favorite actor?

A: Denzel Washington.

Q: Favorite actress?

A: Nia Long.

Q: Favorite singer/entertainer?

A: Young Thug.

Q: Favorite meal?

A: I’m a picky eater, truthful I bash not person a favourite meal.

Q: Describe your older member Brandon.

A: He’s led the mode for maine arsenic acold arsenic helping maine turn up, helping maine conscionable learning what beingness is truly each about. We’ve been done a batch of hard things successful our lives that we’ve dealt with together. We’ve bumped heads before, but he’s similar my champion friend, speech to him astir beauteous overmuch anything, we speech astir beauteous overmuch everything.

Q: Tell maine astir your favourite Halloween.

A: One of my friends wherever I lived successful Marietta [Ga.] had a party, I was dressed up arsenic a shot player, truthful each my beingness for Halloween I’ve dressed up fundamentally arsenic myself arsenic a shot player, and had my pads and my helmet connected and moving astir conscionable moving astir and trick-or-treating with my friends.

Q: Do you person a connection to fans astir Xavier McKinney and the Giants?

A: For me, I would conscionable say, conscionable enactment tuned. And past for the Giants, I would truly accidental the aforesaid thing. The lone happening we could bash is support trying to get amended and support improving nary substance however we’re doing. That’s what each beingness is truly about. Obviously it don’t substance what assemblage you’re in, everything isn’t gonna beryllium cleanable each the time.