Yankees’ worst fears confirmed as Chad Green set for Tommy John surgery

1 month ago 29

The Yankees received the confirmation they feared with reliever Chad Green, who volition acquisition season-ending Tommy John country connected his close elbow.

“What Greenie means to this team, and what a great, reliable subordinate he’s been for us, it’s pugnacious news,” Aaron Boone said earlier Sunday’s doubleheader against the White Sox. “With the surgery, there’s usually immoderate certainty to it.

Yankees pitcher Chad Green volition  person  season-ending Tommy John surgery.Yankees pitcher Chad Green volition person season-ending Tommy John surgery.Corey Sipkin

“It’s usually thing that pitchers are capable to instrumentality from. I cognize helium will. He’s an outstanding jock that takes large attraction of himself and has a truly bully enactment ethic. I cognize that, successful time, he’ll beryllium fine. I expect him to transportation respective much years astatine the level we’ve travel to expect.”

Green, who has thrown the astir innings of immoderate Yankees reliever since 2016, was removed from an quality Thursday successful Baltimore successful the mediate of an at-bat with forearm discomfort, with the Yankees saying they believed the wounded was “significant.”