‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Scoop: Kelsey Asbille Teases A ‘New Chapter’ For Monica & Tate

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Exclusive Interview

November 5, 2021 1:17PM EDT

The latest onslaught connected the Duttons volition person ‘real consequences’ for Monica and Tate, Kelsey Asbille told HL. She teased what to expect successful ‘Yellowstone’s intense’ 4th play successful our EXCLUSIVE interview.

Yellowstone returns for season 4 connected November 7 and starts close wherever things near disconnected successful the play 3 finale. Monica and Tate are connected the ranch trying to get to safety arsenic attackers travel for them. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Kelsey Asbille astir however Monica volition respond to this latest chaos with the Dutton family.

“I deliberation the lone thought successful her caput is Tate and however bash I get him retired of here,” Kelsey told HollywoodLife during the show’s property junket. “We prime up close wherever we near disconnected and the opening is truthful aggravated and besides has existent consequences for Monica and Tate.”

Kelsey AsbilleKelsey Asbille arsenic Monica successful the play 4 premiere. (Paramount Network)

The parent and lad person seen their just stock of chaos implicit the years. Tate was kidnapped astatine the extremity of play 2 by the Beck brothers. Tate was rescued, but the kidnapping was a traumatic infinitesimal for the youngster. After this latest concern puts her lad successful information erstwhile again, Kelsey admitted, “She is done… I deliberation what she sees successful him, too, is she sees the Dutton coming out, which is truly terrifying for her. She’s ever been a idiosyncratic warring for her family. She wants to beryllium a bully mother, truthful this is truly the tipping constituent and she’s like, I’m out.”

In the play 3 finale, Kayce recovered himself successful the midst of a shootout. John Dutton was left to die connected the broadside of the roadworthy aft being shot, portion Beth got caught successful an explosion. Their fates were near chartless going into play 4.

YellowstoneKayce with Monica and Tate successful play 3. (Paramount Network)

“I deliberation that it decidedly opens a caller section for Monica and Tate,” Kelsey teased astir the fallout of the attack. “It comes with its ain brainsick cliffhanger astatine the extremity of the season.” She besides noted, “There is thing that comes astatine her that’s unexpected but besides benignant of playful. It brings retired a antithetic broadside successful Monica that we haven’t seen.” Yellowstone returns November 7 with back-to-back episodes astatine 8 p.m. connected Paramount Network.